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10-31-20 09:16 PM

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Posted on 07-26-17 12:49 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #85223
Well I ended up fixing it with my own patch, but at least you fixed it.

Anyway, I beat the hack. It was very enjoyable, and I liked all the galaxies.

The only thing left I have is the third star in Turnlog galaxy. I don't know what to do at all.

Also, Yellow Toad. Nice. ;)

Posted on 07-26-17 01:44 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #85228
Oh. I found the hidden star. I chose the third star from the star select screen, but

the flame that spawns the notes doesn't appear on the third star, so I had to use the first star. It's probably because the third star was supposed to be Hidden in the ScenarioData but is set to normal.

Also, how are you supposed to get those two comet stars? I collected all the comet medals and there's still no option to play those missions...

And I might record another run through the hack for Youtube once I figure out how to get the comet stars.

Posted on 07-26-17 05:09 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #85241

Just follow this and use the files provided in NMG and place them with the SMG2 files. Not sure if this is what you did or not, Super Hackio, but this works.

Posted on 07-26-17 11:17 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #85275
I sent you the xml, SunakazeKun.

Also, here's part 1 of my playthrough of the hack. It's my first ever playthrough on my channel, so hopefully it turned out well.

Posted on 08-11-17 07:32 PM, in Super Mayro Galaxy (rev. 2 of 08-26-17 10:23 AM) Link | #86052

Here's a really stupid hack that I'm just wrapping up. It's made for someone named Mayro.

This is a single three star galaxy, with randomness and Mayro references plastered all over it.
I did everything except for the logo, which was made by SY24, and SunakazeKun gave assistance and did a beta test.

Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxR6SNPj53ztSFZMYlUxWEJvLWM

Posted on 08-14-17 09:30 PM, in SMG RUN: The first proper trailer! :O Link | #86403
Yes it has been confirmed. But why would you want to not give them paths? They just look... weird without them.

Posted on 08-21-17 06:22 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #86900
That third pic is really cool looking.

Too bad for me, since the sky just barely dimmed and that was it. Also I was in school when it happened, and they wouldn't let anyone out of class to go see it.

Posted on 08-21-17 10:39 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #86933
Yeah. I hate my school. But it's not the teachers, since they said they would've let us go see, but the school board specifically stated to not let anyone out for any reason during the hour of the eclipse, since they were worried kids would look at the sun. Which is bullshit, since it barely even happened for us...

Posted on 08-23-17 05:27 PM, in Pokemon Kuribo Version Link | #87079
This seems pretty weird, but I can't help but like it.

Also I have a question. How are you deciding which user replaces what pokemon? It seems that nobody really wants to know if they replace a weak pokemon, so why don't you just base the pokemon the user replaces by their post count? That would imo make the most sense, so that way if someone is not happy about the pokemon they replace, it's just because they have a low post count.

Posted on 08-24-17 09:50 PM, in Super Mario Mushroom Madness (USMBW Rebrand) Link | #87141
Those mushrooms would look much better if the tops were moved down one block over the stalks. Also those mushrooms at the end look really bad with the stalks not centered. I know you say you didn't make the level, but whoever did should probably fix this.

Posted on 08-26-17 10:23 AM, in Super Mayro Galaxy Link | #87241
The download is up. Have fun :P

Posted on 09-01-17 07:01 PM, in [SMG1][SMG2] Mario Galaxy Hacking Link | #87668
This thread is pointless. There is no reason to have a SMG hacking section, because we have http://neomariogalaxy.bplaced.net/board/

You claim that the only reason we should have a SMG section here as opposed to the NMG board is because it is inactive. But you need to realize that you could make it not inactive by simply joining it. The number of users on it compared to here is irrelevant, because over 80% of the users here don't care about SMG hacking, while everyone on the NMG board does. So, if you just simply moved over to that board and started posting everything there, then you would notice the activity increasing.

Posted on 09-08-17 07:11 PM, in A SMG2 hacking stream. [For my 100 subs special] Link | #88146
Posted by Super Hackio
Scrolling textures are being covered.

Good. I'll certainly want to see this.

Posted on 09-12-17 05:15 PM, in Super Mario 64 Online Link | #88335
Posted by poudink
it's compatible with all romhacks.

That's what Kaze wants you to think. If you test it with several romhacks, the game just crashes. A few work, but mainly just the ones that are similar in size to the original Mario 64, like Kaizo Mario 64.

Posted on 09-13-17 09:49 PM, in Super Mario 64 Online Link | #88375
Eh, there's been a plethora of people who haven't been able to get things working on certain romhacks. I've been on redfuzzydice's SM64O streams, and several people there claimed that some romhacks don't work with it, while others do.

Posted on 09-13-17 09:59 PM, in Project 256 (NSMBWii Hack) Link | #88376
Not to be rude, but I really don't understand why you keep revealing ideas that will be in the project, yet you never show any of the actual gameplay off. Whether you do have gameplay but are just waiting for the right time to show it, or you're trying to come up with the entire game first, then actually make it, it still seems like a lot of buildup for something that we've barely seen. Your ideas are cool, but I'd really rather see some progress being made instead of new concepts that will be in it.

Posted on 09-14-17 04:26 PM, in Project 256 (NSMBWii Hack) Link | #88395

...Yes, but that was a while ago. There's been almost nothing but just updates instead of actual gameplay since then.

Posted on 09-22-17 05:33 PM, in [Released] Neo Mario Galaxy - A one world hack! Link | #89427
There's only 20. The missing two are prankster comet missions (daredevil iirc) which won't work without an actual comet appearing on the galaxy. Those show up around world 3, and since the game is just one world, they remain unobtainable.

Posted on 09-24-17 11:51 AM, in SMG1 Green Stars. Link | #89480
Simply changing the textures of a Power Star to green isn't going to make their behaviors change to how a Green Star would act (meaning they won't have an effect like making a Green Luma appear.) Also, you haven't found much information on SMG1 because very few people hack it.

Posted on 10-10-17 05:11 PM, in The General Project Screenshot/Videos Thread Link | #90253
He means the quality of the track is really nice for the DS, and that it looks as good as a MKW custom track.
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