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04-21-19 12:41 AM

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Posted on 07-12-14 06:35 PM, in New Level Idea for SMG(1, not 2) (rev. 2 of 07-12-14 06:39 PM) Link | #44044
Posted by SR13DS
Since I'm not a SMG hacker (and probably never will be) I am here to inspire level makers with a fresh, new idea. Somebody should make a level with the unused mine object, EVERYWHERE! So basiclly, a minefield. If you use this level idea, please give credit.

Sounds like fun. Ill give it a shot. Reminds me of several areas in a Wii FPS called "the Conduit"...

By the way, whether you believe you can or you believe you can't, you're probably right. If you want to hack SMG and you believe you can, you will. It took me 2 YEARS to get anywhere with SMG hacking, but I kept at it, and believed I could, and I did.

Posted on 07-14-14 06:05 PM, in SOLVED - CORRUPTED XML Link | #44217
Posted by StapleButter
There you go.

This thread is staying. There's nothing more annoying and selfish to the community than 'oh nevermind, I solved it, now delete this so others can't use it as help if they have the same problem'.

Wow. That is a very good point. Never thought of that. I feel like such a jerk now...

Posted on 07-15-14 09:47 PM, in Custom super mario galaxy level Link | #44273
Posted by Rainbow Mario
Posted by mustafa
Hello everybody
I have some updates for you :)

I made a little remake of the map just to make it look less messy. The first thing you will notice is the less sharp edge on the level, trying to snap the mario 3d world/land look :) I have also started texturing a bit as you will see in a moment. I have modelled two different trees trying to grab the cartoony mario feel. They are still in "beta mode", so some changes will be made.
Here are some pictures:
http://s1289.crapobucket.com/user/mustafa197* mustafadia/test232_zpsbac990f3.jpg.html

from a distance:
http://s1289.crapobucket.com/user/mustafa197* mustafadia/test2_zps95ec3e6a.jpg.html

as you can see I have tried to create a "floating little planet"

one more from the start point, I have also modelled these things that seperate you from falling :P
http://s1289.crapobucket.com/user/mustafa197* mustafadia/test22_zps12cf0728.png.html

I still don't really understand.. the mario textures do I rip them from the galaxy dvd's ?
You need an ISO or use SMGExtractor, which can be find here: http://kuribo64.net/?page=thread&id=540, and rip the files for your SMG disc. When you are done, your SD-card should have some folders (AudioRes, LayoutData, LocalizeData, StageData, ObjectData and others), in ObjectData contains all objects in SMG. The objects can have some weird names, go to the Object database for see which object it is if you wonder. Drag an object and drop on ArcExtract and it will extract it and give you all the contents from the object. There you find a .bdl file. Open it in bmdview2, (can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ykmp8lwmg6xmziq/BMDView2Install.exe) and click "Export model" and you'll get the textures. :)

Yoshi29. Get your facts straight. "Export textures" is the correct button. "Export Model" is unreliable compared to "Export textures". "Export textures" is less likely to corrupt the textures.

Posted on 07-17-14 12:50 PM, in What is that? Link | #44367
Posted by Spacey
I dont know, the guy doesnt mention them in the description of the video so you have to find them yourself

He doesn't mention it in the description because it's in the video itself. At the bottom of the screen, when he first begins to head over to the garage, read the text. There's the filenames. But judging by the behaviour, it looks to me like he may have patched the models over the goomba, with a different model each time.

Posted on 07-17-14 03:41 PM, in SunakazeKun's Packs & Patches [SMG2] [Backgrounds] [Planets] [Decoration] [Leftovers] [Patches] Link | #44392
So, how much longer until the Relay & Special Planet pack is finished? Do you have an estimate?

Posted on 07-17-14 03:47 PM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy (rev. 2 of 07-17-14 03:58 PM) Link | #44394
I found a bug in v1.0b - The Grand World Map displays the background of whatever world you last visited. I recommend you look into this.

EDIT: Another bug - King Kaliente is upside down and the Dino Piranha Launch Star sends Mario flying PAST his planet, only to be teleported to it a brief moment later when Kaliente's cutscene begins.

Posted on 07-17-14 03:56 PM, in SunakazeKun's Packs & Patches [SMG2] [Backgrounds] [Planets] [Decoration] [Leftovers] [Patches] Link | #44396
Posted by SunakazeKun
Currently I'm working on a surprise but it won't take long. I think it's finished tomorrow.

O.O YAY!!!!!!

Posted on 07-17-14 04:08 PM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy (rev. 2 of 07-17-14 04:08 PM) Link | #44399
Posted by SunakazeKun
Yeah, I said the version is very buggy. I'll upload a fix tomorrow.
1. I hope I can fix this with adding a background to WorldMap08Galaxy.
2. The flipped planet was an AreaObjInfo test.

EDIT: I fixed the bugs. But I'll upload the fix tomorrow.

Yay! I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

Hint: Check out LayoutData/TitleLogo.arc for useful stuff!

Posted on 07-17-14 04:18 PM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy Link | #44401
Posted by SunakazeKun
I know I need a logo. But 1. I don't know how to import one and 2. I don't have a logo.

If you don't have a logo, then what's that big "SMG3.A" thing on the OP of this thread? BTW use your preferred Arc program to extract the Contents of TitleLogo.arc, then use http://www.mediafire.com/download/nt1u76lmidt555n/TPLStuff.zip to convert your logo (once you have one) to a TPL in RGB5A3 format. Then use your preferred Arc program to replace /timg/MyTitleLogo.tpl in your TitleLogo.arc . Done! .__.

Posted on 07-18-14 10:47 AM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy Link | #44427
Posted by SunakazeKun
That's just a placeholder.

Darn. I really like that banner. It's...intriguing. It seems a tad off, but in a good way.

Posted on 07-18-14 11:42 AM, in Yoshi Star Galaxy's First Planet Is Blue! (rev. 2 of 07-18-14 11:49 AM) Link | #44429
Isn't that the same issue as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3GLOhmWv6g#t=275 ? Hmm...seems to be the same bug, involving planet rendering 'effects' so to speak, being applied to planets that are not (ahem) 'equipped' for them, causing blue. The game displays a similar if not identical blue in locations where nothing is being rendered (for example if you delete the skybox in a galaxy, the background will be blue). Not sure if this helps with fixing the problem but I hope that atleast I have contributed to finding the problem. Can't fix it if you don't know what's broken!

Posted on 07-18-14 12:18 PM, in Yoshi Star Galaxy's First Planet Is Blue! Link | #44433
Posted by Luigi
Yep, that's it. It would work if we figured out how planets are effected by certain objects, and which planets aren't, and find out why they aren't.

Yay my instincts did me some good for once! Now, how could one go about doing what you said...?

Posted on 07-18-14 02:17 PM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy Link | #44443
OH MY GOD Death Storm Speed Run is hard! But hey, after (I think) 11 attempts (2 as Mario, 9 as Luigi), a friend of mine (she's an amazing co-star partner) and I beat it with 00:23 left on the clock. PLEASE tell me Death Storm is gonna be in World Green Star. It's WAY too hard to be anything earlier...unless SMG3.A is supposed to be really hard.

Posted on 07-18-14 05:18 PM, in Stone House Galaxy Link | #44463
Certaintly unlike anything I've ever seen before! I haven't a clue what you've got planned, but now I want to find out.

Posted on 07-18-14 05:20 PM, in Yoshi Star Galaxy's First Planet Is Blue! Link | #44464
Posted by Luigi
uh, no. I don't think that's a reliable option.

Posted by Krazyguy75
IF we could just ask game devs for help modding, we'd be years further along...

Posted by Anthe
Like they're going to help us.. lol.

As much as it's not likely to work, better to try and fail then to not try and never know if it would work.

Posted on 07-19-14 07:04 AM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy (rev. 2 of 07-19-14 07:11 AM) Link | #44476
Posted by MeButYou82
I played Death Storm and I loved the design, but I was confused on what to do. I got to the highest pointy roof of the castle (using lots of triple jump spin wall kick spins) but I couldn't get to the top where there was a pipe.

I also played Boss Blitz but the only difference I could find was a retextured Kaliente.

Good luck making the other galaxies!

Agreed. VERY confused in my case. It took me and a friend 2 HOURS to figure it out.
By the way, that King Kaliente isn't retextured. It's his Spicy (dark) form, who appeared SMG1. It amuses me that he's 98% functional in SMG2.
Posted by SunakazeKun
I know. :/

Take your time. Haste makes waste. Slow and steady wins the race. (lol rhymes) Also, Sling stars. Death Storm needs them. The jumps are WAY TOO HARD...unless you're trying to get players to have to try to break the level in order to win it, in which case they're gonna break it. One other thing: put pull stars or another bouncy drum or something on the other side of the wall with the red urchin on top of it. Otherwise the camera breaks and controls explode when you use the tiny path beside it. Also, may I recommend changing "Death Storm Speed Run" to "Death Storm Perfect Run"?

Posted on 07-19-14 07:14 AM, in Mario sliding error (rev. 2 of 07-19-14 07:15 AM) Link | #44478
Posted by mustafa
Hello everybody
I finally managed to import my models into whitehole and into the game
But when mario walks on them he slides (there are no animation it is like he is flying) :/ ? I cannot control him properply. The platforms are solid so mario doesn't go through them. Where does the problem lay?

Are the faces of the model you used for the KCL double-sided? If so, that's your problem. Make sure that 'export double sided' or whatever it's called is turned off if you're using Sketchup.

Posted on 07-19-14 07:53 AM, in Mario sliding error Link | #44481
Posted by mustafa
yes it is ok Ii will make sure from now on

So, then problem solved?

Posted on 07-19-14 07:56 AM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy Link | #44482
Posted by SunakazeKun
Will be changed in feature ^^

Well Vunderblarg! (sorry if that pun was offensive.) BTW Spicy Kaliente's death cutscene can successfully be skipped.

Posted on 07-19-14 08:01 AM, in [Cancelled] Neo Mario Galaxy Link | #44484
Posted by SunakazeKun
What do you mean with offensive?
Yeah, I know ^^

I was just concerned that the pun may have offended you. Also I figured the Kalinte cutscene thing was noteworthy in the event you hadn't known. I think I'm gonna do a Megaleg...(insert epic cliffhanger here)
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