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10-18-19 03:20 PM

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Posted on 04-07-19 11:47 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning (rev. 3 of 04-08-19 10:53 AM) Link | #97538
Posted by joseart18
in the spoiler says "Fixed White screen on r4 " but i still got the white screen when select a file. Someone known how to fix that

I have a solution for the white screen, in desmume/NO$GBA, go to the firmware configuration and change the language for English, I played in Spanish and threw me the white screen, this method worked for me.

Those who play with r4 in the r4 options configure the game in English and do the vs. mode fix method each time you load your game

Posted by rafa4k
Sorry to this freeze on new game on r4 but i will fix this, don,t worry: I do not know why but using r4 freezes on new game to fix this problem just go to VS MODE play in any mode Stage vs when you enter the stage you press start choose exit vs and start a new Game that works. This was the only way I have managed so far but do not worry that this hack will work both in the emulator and the original ds

Posted on 04-22-19 01:40 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning (rev. 3 of 04-22-19 12:19 PM) Link | #97647
Posted by GareBearGamingDood
Hey Yea....I did the new patch the latest one, and play the Twilight Menu+ on the NewN2DS, and it crash and didn't work. So....I'm out of luck.

Hey, I play it in an O3DS with twilightmenu ++, you should do the vs. mode fix each time you go to Load/Start game, and have your 3ds settings in English.
Another language does not seem to work.

Vs. mode fix: Go to VS MODE, play alone in any mode Stage, when you enter the stage you press start choose exit vs and load/Start a new game.

Main - Posts by BeatsK

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