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11-13-19 05:48 AM

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Posted on 04-05-19 07:15 PM, in Golden Memories - Remaking New Super Mario Bros DS Link | #97533

Hi, I'm new here to Kuribo64 (I'm assuming this is one of the only places for modding New Super Mario Bros. 2)

so I come here to ask for help, I wish to recreate NSMB in NSMB2, with some changes of course

Plans right now are
- Somehow put together a team
- Port Enemies from NSMB.
- Remake World Maps from NSMB.
- Port Shell Powerup (replacing an item, if possible new item)
- Port Levels from NSMB.
- New Story?
- Secret idea for Multiplayer
- Wii U/Switch Port?

I currently have

1-2 (Pipe secret adjusted)
[thumbnail] [thumbnail]
1-3 (Pipe Cannon Temp)
[thumbnail] [thumbnail]

There is a download for what I have currently, for Luma Game Patching

I would now ask for help, I would like to put together a team for this project
I need help with World Map editing, porting items, editing CoinKiller for changes made (like enemies or powerups), Story changes, possibly other things I can't think of right now.

If you can help me with any of this, I ask for your help, if you are interested please contact me somehow on here or Discord (Golden Memories Dev#2958)

I might move this to NSMBU or something if that would be easier idk

Main - Posts by Golden_Memories

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