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07-05-20 04:02 AM

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Posted on 02-28-19 04:10 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 2 of 02-28-19 04:13 PM) Link | #97287
this is Jamie, I don't know what my old account's pass is

just stopping by to say that I hate the Discord movement. literally I predicted the shitshow would happen 2 years ago and no one cared and defended discord.

then the cub shit happened and then people STILL defend it.

and before you say it's because "I'm still pissed it killed my derpboard" I haven't given a single fuck about that for at least a month.

Discord and modern forum software is way too "convenient" for the average user, we're mostly in this world becoming lovers of convenience over quality or such.

though, don't do what I did, or what Board2 does. don't keep it around if you don't see fit, but do provide an archive or public backup or whatever, but keep it around if you do want to and still have hope

Posted on 02-28-19 04:27 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97290
if I had a better feeling about this place rather than be forced off it by people who can't stand me (for good fucking reason)I would have been here a lot longer and probably tried to do something

that said - I cause a bunch of shit and drama even now so I'm probably better gone tbh

back to my point, convenience does come at a price indeed. a price bigger than a rare Fumo plushie with a worse outcome :(

and the fact Discord abuses its monopoly with the cool kids and yet they still defend them reminds me of Microsoft fanboys

Posted on 02-28-19 04:36 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97293
I wouldn't have a problem with Discord if it actually was professionally managed and well developed

It's a decent concept let down with absurdity in the staffer department and hipsterscript fappers

@iyenal totally agree. they're controlled by individuals who actually do it as a hobby or for the benefit of everyone most times

Posted on 02-28-19 04:39 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97295

speaking of which I actually turned a conversation around on the Raspberry Pi forums, and mentioned that if they were going to switch to Discourse that the site would crash on the Pi itself LOL

again, convenience and modernity seems to come at a high price of having to afford the latest shit and have everything sold of you unwillingly

Posted on 02-28-19 04:40 PM, in Game Sequels you Want Link | #97296
Posted by LeftyGreenMario
Freaking Diddy Kong Racing. That game is eternally cursed. It has a ton of planned games that just went canceled, such as Diddy Kong Pilot, Donkey Kong Racing, and that one prototype with Diddy racing animals. We then get a crappy remake. I daresay it's more cursed than F-Zero.

that and F-Zero, also Wave Race

Posted on 02-28-19 04:41 PM, in 2019 Link | #97297
same shit as late 2018 already, but slightly less intense here

Posted on 02-28-19 04:47 PM, in retrospective time Link | #97298
2018 was a train wreck for obvious reasons

like how I proved to be full of shit yet again

Posted on 02-28-19 04:48 PM, in Corrupt a wish Link | #97299
granted, they sell it in limited quantity like the NES Mini

I wish I wasn't such a fucking idiot all the time

Posted on 02-28-19 04:53 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97301
I suppose.
That was at least a constructive reply. And " the sad truth" wrapped up.

Posted on 02-28-19 04:54 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97303
Posted by iyenal
Unfortunately, everything is going on that way. We could say same for Windows 10 for example.That's the new way to do business, profit from the user directly.

that's what capitalism do

and dumb it down to appease to the "general idiot". -.-

Posted on 03-01-19 05:09 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 3 of 03-01-19 05:10 AM) Link | #97309
I'm not saying it's bad idea. It's just that it means the end of stuff like decentralisation... much of its death of forums in general is due to the spread of internet access I guess tho

also, article 13 won't help at all, now it requires all sites regardless of size to have an upload filter or face fines

Posted on 03-01-19 06:46 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97311
They want to filter anything copyrighted. Apparently parodies etc are allowed but how the fuck is a filter supposed to tell the difference?

Posted on 03-01-19 06:52 AM, in Corrupt a wish Link | #97312
this isn't a 2016 history lesson thread so I will refrain from explaining

granted, you can only advance it by slower than actual time goes once and then you must live your life that speed for the rest of your life

I wish PHP was less hated due to legacy code

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 03-01-19 07:13 AM, in When was Kuribo 64 made?/Timer Theory (rev. 2 of 03-01-19 07:13 AM) Link | #97314
Posted by Arisotura
I guess IRC ain't cool, it's not very active these days :( :(

but you already know what's the best place for shitposting

we need to create a brand new RVLution

if someone gives me the old RVL themes I might actually make a joke board tbh when I have nothing better to do with my time

might even buy bugs3.net just for the occasion. lol

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 03-01-19 10:35 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #97324
Posted by Arisotura
Discord is also political, indirectly, if only by the way it works and how it reflects what the internet is turning into

also, article 13 can go fuck itself. copyright is a giant pile of legal bullshit that only serves to protect parasites that live off of those who actually make things.

I still think if the internet hadn't become everyone's part of life like it has BakaCorp wouldn't have seized control

Copyright's implementation is dumb, especially how it more or less protects bigger people over smaller people. And how Nintendo and other people abuse it.

Posted on 03-01-19 10:37 PM, in Corrupt a wish Link | #97325
Granted, you feel physically and in other ways sick (like an abandoned Swingball set)

I wish I could see Avril Lavigne live. :)

Posted on 03-11-19 06:00 AM, in Kuribo64 (rev. 3 of 03-11-19 06:01 AM) Link | #97391

seriously, don't. and maybe don't focus on ROM hacking either, if the scene is dying.
perhaps focus on one of your other interests, idk, something that can appeal to most of the community (maybe just a standard Nintendo/retro gaming board idk) and be something that has a nice atmosphere that you want to run

the idea about having a specific place for retro gaming is cool with me... Acmlmboard is pretty old looking, so it'd be rather fitting and also, not many of those communities really like "younger" members so eh (I remember getting abuse from one site)

also to who said board2 is doing well they're clearly being sarcastic :p

If it needs a rebranding for that case, do it, but it might not be necessary

Posted on 03-11-19 06:04 AM, in Kuribo64 retrospective and future Link | #97392
"our board"

*ussr theme plays*

other than that I kinda know how this feels. except it isn't your fault why the community is dormant, unlike all the shit I pulled, sure you've done some things in the past that are "questionable" but not like what I did especially in 2017/18

you gotta keep going. obviously if the board ends up turning into a board2 zombie like state then just archive it but don't give up if there's still a few people willing to help you and turn things around. :)
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Main - Posts by thesadtruth

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