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08-13-20 10:03 PM

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Posted on 12-10-17 12:59 PM, in SMG 2 How do you import StarManFort? Link | #91875
Hi! I really want to import StarManFort in to SMG 2 but I have no idea how because all tutorials failed me! Please help me!

Posted on 12-10-17 01:02 PM, in SMG 2 How do you import StarManFort? Link | #91877
That does not help me find out how to do it please tell me if you know!

Posted on 12-10-17 01:20 PM, in SMG 2 How do you import StarManFort? Link | #91879
ok I was using dossun2 and following the tutorial and adding starman fort to the PlanetMapDataTable which the tutorial said it would show up on the object list on whitehole. It didn't

Posted on 12-10-17 01:53 PM, in SMG 2 How do you import StarManFort? Link | #91885
I am a noob and don't know how to do either of these things please explain in a way I would understand

Posted on 12-11-17 02:41 AM, in SMG 2 How do you import StarManFort? Link | #91908
It worked thank you so much sun cat!

Posted on 12-11-17 03:26 PM, in SMG2 Extra Mario Galaxy idea Link | #91916
I was thinking that maybe it would be fun to create a hack for super mario galaxy 2 that everyone contributes one galaxy too. It is just an idea but if you want to help out just post a galaxy you created and I will take a look at it or if you know about writing meta's or creating a logo or making custum models that would be much apreciated. I will make a level using Starman's fort from SMG 1. I am not expecting anyone to actually help but I thought it might be a fun idea.

Posted on 12-11-17 03:52 PM, in SMG2 Extra Mario Galaxy idea Link | #91918
Yeah I'd love a community hack and I hope if ithappened it wouldn't fail like the NSMBHD hack! If we could just get more publicity and get people interested...

Posted on 12-12-17 02:16 AM, in SMG2 Extra Mario Galaxy idea (rev. 2 of 12-12-17 02:34 AM) Link | #91943
Yeah that would be a big help thanks!

And twin tower galaxy sounds really cool too

Posted on 12-13-17 12:42 PM, in SMG2 Extra Mario Galaxy idea (rev. 3 of 12-13-17 01:12 PM) Link | #91989
Mayro: I don't have youtube + I luv ur channel

Fruity Dee: My discord name is XFusion.

FroggoTheDoggo: What can you do to do with SMG hacking. e.g: level design

Fruity Dee: My discord server is now set up here:

Discord invite:

Posted on 12-13-17 03:11 PM, in SMG2 Extra Mario Galaxy idea Link | #91991
New invite link sos:

Posted on 12-19-17 02:46 PM, in How can I play SMG2 hacks on an actual Wii? Link | #92285
If u can't write meta's download 2.5 and drag galaxies into it

Posted on 12-20-17 02:20 AM, in Boss-Blitz Galaxy Boss Edits (rev. 4 of 12-21-17 02:41 AM) Link | #92296
I edited the boss fights of all the bosses of boss-blitz galaxy to make it "more of a challenge"

No screenshots 2 keep it a surprise

Download link:

Posted on 12-20-17 11:12 AM, in Boss-Blitz Galaxy Boss Edits (rev. 2 of 12-20-17 11:39 AM) Link | #92299
Really fruity...

I wonder if u actually played it...

Sorry every1 the new link has everything in the other 1 I forgot 2 include zones

Posted on 12-21-17 02:31 AM, in Boss-Blitz Galaxy Boss Edits (rev. 3 of 12-21-17 02:42 AM) Link | #92384
Some1 who played the level told me only the dino piranha's level edit wasn't their...

Now I hear that King kalinite's isn't either

I will fix it with yet another new download link

And their was meant 2 be a checkpoint after bouldergeist I will add that zone in


It is fixed!

Posted on 12-27-17 12:00 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Community Edition (rev. 6 of 01-04-18 10:37 AM) Link | #92532
A while ago I've been thinking of making a community hack where people make a level and add it into this hack, so here it is!
Logo made by SY24:

XFusion's Galaxy (mine):

Fruity Dee's Galaxy:

Here's the discord server if you want to help out! Discord:

Posted on 01-04-18 09:19 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Community Edition Link | #92668
We now have a logo!

Posted on 01-07-18 04:40 PM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Community Edition Link | #92709
Do you think a hack just materialises?
NO! It takes work.
This is a comunity hack that has really just started and we're only showing this early to get more people interested because it is a comunity hack!

Posted on 01-10-18 03:47 PM, in Kaizo troll galaxy (rev. 2 of 01-10-18 03:50 PM) Link | #92745
When I first started smg hacking, I started making a level full of random level design but now I have developed it into smg's very first troll level (I think).

Skill you will need:
Mastery of the flip-swap platform mechanic
Beginner yoshi infinate flutter



Don't comment saying it's annoying coz that's kinda the point.

Download here:

This level uses purposeful crashing if you are not okay with that don't play this level. I will not be held responcible for any damadge done to any device that plays this.

I dought it will kill ur device though but just in case.

Posted on 01-10-18 03:55 PM, in Kaizo troll galaxy (rev. 2 of 01-10-18 03:58 PM) Link | #92747
It's only if u do something wrong

it is a troll level ya know?

Posted on 01-11-18 01:50 AM, in Kaizo troll galaxy (rev. 3 of 01-11-18 02:15 AM) Link | #92772
Guys it's not everytime.

I only do it in 2 places.

Kaizo does not equal troll.

Okay new version that never crashes your game :)
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Main - Posts by XFusion

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