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01-22-19 09:52 AM

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Posted on 10-13-17 11:34 PM, in Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS [Released] Link | #90443
Dear russmars:
Weegee weegee weegee weegee weeegee
(I play on android but...i cant change xdelta to nds file im on android platform i need change .Xdelta file to nds,can you pls tell me how to change xdelta to nds reply if you on)

Posted on 10-13-17 11:59 PM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #90445
tell us when ready to be luigi mansion ds

Posted on 10-14-17 12:03 AM, in Super Mario 64 DS 1.3 Link | #90446
Whaaaatttt canceled? for real great if you make paper mario ds :D
Kepp up

Posted on 10-14-17 12:08 AM, in Zero (Megaman Zero) in Super Mario 64 DS Hack [Released] Link | #90447
oi oi hey russmarrs can you do me a favor?
pls make
Malleo and Weegee:Buwzar inside stury
(try to hack out mario and luigi:bowser inside story)

Posted on 10-14-17 12:10 AM, in Super mario 66 ds The final mission Only DEMO Link | #90448
Posted by muzzbro
That white part is the extra

how i change xdelta to nds rom? im on android

(post deleted) #90451

Posted on 10-16-17 05:36 AM, in Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS V3 [Released] Link | #90521
Gimme mediafire link for nds rom plz :( cant patching :/

Posted on 11-10-17 09:00 PM, in The REAL Music Replacement Tutorial Link | #91057
Wait What????

Posted on 11-10-17 09:01 PM, in Map Selecter Tool Link | #91058
Guess i hope i can use it

Posted on 11-11-17 05:23 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #91064
Can you change Mario to Waluigi?
(try luigi still luigi)
add special to waluigi
run faster
catch ghost is good
but jump slower

Posted on 11-11-17 05:31 AM, in Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS V3 [Released] (rev. 3 of 11-11-17 05:35 AM) Link | #91065
hey hey russmars!
how about this:
Mario party ds waluigi model and make it to nds rom(cant patch)
oh yeah i use my mom phone to download nds one and i use waluigi whenever i play it
then i bluetooth it to my phone👹👹

Posted on 12-10-17 12:47 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #91866
if finished do nds file i hate patching
(low poly luigi moustache look like n64 and awkward try to edit it)
And remember the map,What did you choose for yoshi btw???E.gadd is wario rite?
then i got idea:Mario is mario
Luigi is Luigi
Wario is E.gadd(with sound)
Yoshi is indigo yoshi(can swallow boos)
Waluigi is bad idea!!!

Posted on 12-10-17 02:59 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS (rev. 3 of 12-10-17 03:09 AM) Link | #91868
i dont know how to port picture but i find king boo model+Ghost guy:

Ghost guy:http://i.imgur.com/XlXI4qW.pnghttp://www.google.com.sg/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=0ahUKEwiim-Xc_f7XAhUDRo8KHUFiARUQjB0IBQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fkennethfejer.deviantart.com%2Fart%2FAnimated-Lowpoly-Piranha-524870116&psig=AOvVaw119IihA4FBF1pKTuHZ8Hnl&ust=1512979377448322

King boo (choose one):http://www.google.com.sg/url?sa=i&source=images&cd=&ved=&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.yobi3d.com%2Fq%2F3D-model%2Fking%2520boo&psig=AOvVaw119IihA4FBF1pKTuHZ8Hnl&ust=1512979377448322



Posted on 12-11-17 03:36 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS (rev. 2 of 12-11-17 03:43 AM) Link | #91910
the "photoshoped teletubbies" exist in yoshi island it exist in hector the reflector haunted house
Can u help him by fixing those king boo to low poly one???i hope it aint lag,its hard to finding low poly king boo \:(

low poly mario all is n64 mario may be this one work

Posted on 12-13-17 07:33 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS (rev. 4 of 12-13-17 07:38 AM) Link | #91985
yoshi island ds!
try to play it and find a pipe that many Shy guys who flying then lets bet coins
its boo guy find in:https://www.mariowiki.com/Yoshi%27s_Island_DS
(scroll more)

Posted on 12-16-17 02:47 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #92111
Wonder what health gonna look like
(try to do the trailer)
anybody had something to help him?!
hopefully i want to test luigi mansion!!

Posted on 04-07-18 12:07 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS (rev. 2 of 04-07-18 12:08 AM) Link | #93978
Who?When?Where the slendytubbies jumpscare?im playing 2d one
The picture of slendytubbies from slendytubbies 3 rite?

Posted on 04-07-18 12:11 AM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #93979

Posted by StapleButter
I guess you'd patch a ROM and run that in DraStic or something. dunno

i agree about that

Posted on 04-07-18 12:13 AM, in Waluigi in SM64DS by Russamars2 With Edited Text Link | #93980
Its crashing when its goomboss(known as goomking in paper mario 64)??!
how do u supposed to know that?

Posted on 04-08-18 03:15 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #93983
Maybe he download but not screenshot,screenshot is suck than download

Main - Posts by OmegaWeegee

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