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04-15-21 02:56 AM

Main - Posts by daniel95

Posted on 07-30-17 10:14 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #85392
How can I use the patch? I try to put on a Mario 64 rom and it gives me error, I'm using the XDelta Patcher but it does not work for me ....

Posted on 07-31-17 02:33 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #85402
Obviously use the ds .... I am not idiot to use the n64 and I have patched others hack previously. Well I have no knowledge of which uses but probe one from USA and another from Europe

Pd: sorry if I do not get to understand sometimes, I use google translator to communicate because I speak Spanish

Posted on 07-31-17 09:52 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning (rev. 2 of 07-31-17 09:53 PM) Link | #85429
Nothing, I still can not do it. Use the version you told me and it did not work (Precisely the version that had been called" "0022 - Super Mario 64 DS (E) (Wet N Wild" was the one I had tried the first time)

Posted on 08-01-17 10:41 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #85441
I do not quite know what the SM64DSe is.

I just know I've tried patching other hacks like:

-Another Super Mario 3D
-Super Mario Star Land

And if they worked for me ....
This is the only patch that does not want me to run .....

It gives me an error when patching it in the XDelta Patcher.

Posted on 08-01-17 08:42 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #85498
How many times do I have to say that I use the Xdelta patcher (in its case it is the same as saying XDelta UI) ....... but I do not work.

The error you give me is: "xdelta3: unknown secondary compressor ID: XD3_INVALID_INPUT"

Can not I give the game and patch please?

(post deleted) #85506

Posted on 10-13-17 10:37 PM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #90439
Could someone give me the game already patched, please privately in its latest version? :(

Main - Posts by daniel95

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