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09-28-20 06:02 AM

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Posted on 06-12-17 02:34 PM, in Whitehole: Paths aren't supported Link | #83705
Staplebutter help me please I´m editing levels with whitehole but when I save my edits and start dolphin and play the iso my edits wont appear. If its to complicated to do it via dolphin is there a way I can play my edits with riivolution on my wii I have the smg2 disk

Posted on 06-14-17 08:59 AM, in Whitehole: Paths aren't supported (rev. 2 of 06-14-17 11:09 AM) Link | #83765
Oh okay I´ve seen the tutorial but how do I get the main.dol and the apploader? I just have the iso

EDIT: Nevermind just got them but where is dolphins user folder?

Posted on 06-14-17 01:41 PM, in Whitehole: Paths aren't supported (rev. 7 of 06-15-17 08:16 AM) Link | #83770
I can't find it... I can find My Documents/Dolphin Emulator, but there is no User folder... D: Also, when I try to load main.dol from Dolphin (without the User folder part), I get a long wait on a black screen, then "Dolphin has stopped working". What do I do?

same here.. :( I tried reinstalling dolphin but now my Dolphin emulator folder is gone too please help me

EDIT: Okay I just recycled that folder "Dolphin emulator" xD Lmao but still there is no "User" Folder Help pls

EDIT 2: Just realized you don´t even need your user folder lol

It's easier to set an extracted ISO as the DVD root for testing in dolphin.
Here is a tutorial: http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=681

When he says open your user folder just open the folder "dolphin emulator" and go to the "wii" folder and do all the steps

Question: How do you find out your games ID?

Edit: Found it out but whenever I want to start main.dol its says:

"IntCPU: Unknown Instruction 00000000 at PC = 00000008 last_PC
= 8132 ffc8 LR= 0000000"


Posted on 08-16-17 07:13 PM, in Model shows up in Whitehole but not in Dolphin Link | #86594
Hello everybody so I've been following this thread: http://kuribo64.net/board/thread.php?id=796&page=4 to import my custom model (Noki Bay from SMS) and as the title says my model shows up in Whitehole but in game I just fall to death :(

Posted on 08-16-17 07:32 PM, in Model shows up in Whitehole but not in Dolphin Link | #86596
I used BCSV Editor

Posted on 08-16-17 07:35 PM, in Model shows up in Whitehole but not in Dolphin (rev. 3 of 08-16-17 07:55 PM) Link | #86598
No how does this work?

EDIT: Ok I added it in the table and it works now thanks! :D

Posted on 08-17-17 12:51 PM, in How does one make every Galaxy flip-swap? Link | #86627
Hello! It's me again

So I downloaded shibboleets Smg2 template and realizied If I name the template for example "IslandFleetGalaxyMap.arc" and replace it with the original "IslandFleetGalaxyMap.arc" Whitehole has a problem to open it (maybe because it's not flip-swap?) So how can I make every Galaxy to flip-swap galaxy to use the template and create whole new galaxys easily?

Posted on 08-17-17 02:20 PM, in How does one make every Galaxy flip-swap? Link | #86629
Well whenever it says "It magically appeared in the folder where this EXE is in nothing appeared for me

Posted on 08-18-17 08:33 PM, in SMG2 Dolphin 0fps after wiimote screen Link | #86683
First of all I'm playing Smg2 not with an ISO but with the main.dol

Ok so I've edited the galaxy Icon with the help of TheSunCat but when I tried to test it (main.dol) then the dolphin drops the fps to 0 after the wiimote screen... After a few tries and edits still nothing worked for me so I decided to replace the edited files with the original ones but it still drop to 0 fps and I'm getting pissed of this emulator because this is not the first problem with it (btw. the normal Iso runs fine but the main.dol just drops to after the wiimote screen)

Posted on 08-19-17 08:00 AM, in SMG2 Dolphin 0fps after wiimote screen (rev. 3 of 08-19-17 08:02 AM) Link | #86716
Make sure that you put in the apploader and all of that correctly, as well as your DVD root

I did everything is right, and everything worked earlier. :(

Do you have a Wii

yes I have a wii and it's homebrewed and I have riivolution too.

Back to the topic at hand, just test it on an actual Wii

That's exactly my problem I just don't know how.. and the answers I always get are "Riivolution" wow I have riivolution and Aurum told me once I have to learn about riivolution patches but how when the riivolution site is under maintenance. So! I would really appreciate it if somebody could send me a PM about how to play my edits on wii. Thanks! :)

Posted on 08-19-17 08:09 AM, in What is Blarg? Link | #86718
So in many threads I read I always saw somebody write the word "Blarg" but what exactly is it? It sounds like another word for cringe lmao

Posted on 08-19-17 09:33 AM, in SMG2 Dolphin 0fps after wiimote screen (rev. 2 of 08-19-17 09:33 AM) Link | #86722
The new Dolphin development builds do everything way easier. I'll make a tutorial soon.

you mean that one?

Posted on 08-19-17 10:33 AM, in Running games from a folder in 2017 (rev. 2 of 08-19-17 10:37 AM) Link | #86729
Close the dialog. Press refresh. Wait patiently. Your extracted game will appear in the game list.

It didn't :/

Edit: You need to activate "Search subfolders" else it wont find it!

Edit 2: Well when I try to open it it's just a blackscreen

Posted on 09-02-17 06:10 PM, in Trouble with the MBST Editor (Nuntius Novus) Link | #87710
Jason weren't you the one who told me how to edit text 1 month ago?

Posted on 09-02-17 06:19 PM, in Help with playing SMG2 level edits Link | #87712
TheSunCat when are you gonna upload the video on how to create a xml and play edits on wii?

Posted on 09-09-17 07:38 PM, in Super Mario Luma Hunt! Link | #88220
Not sure if you are allowed to call this New Super Mario Bros Wii 2..

Posted on 01-06-18 09:52 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Return to the Galaxy (CANCELLED) Link | #92695
I agree to Mayro also (just my personal opinion) I hate it when People have a logo before anything else :D Another Thing I thought would be useful to mention: That screenshot looks to green to monotonous

Posted on 01-06-18 09:58 AM, in Super Mario Galaxy 2: Community Edition Link | #92696
Yes please don't make this a hack with a generous logo and a non existing hack

Posted on 01-31-18 02:09 PM, in Super Mario: Tropical Adventure(SMS hack) Link | #93047
Neat man the version I tested was already great can't wait to see the full release :)

Posted on 02-12-18 10:28 AM, in Mario's Vacation (Super Mario Sunshine 16 shine Mini Hack) Link | #93236
nice man i am hyped but wouldn't it be better if you called this sms deluxe demo so you would have actually made sms deluxe and deluxe demo progress? (if you know what I mean)

Main - Posts by snifit8

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