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03-30-20 02:27 PM

Main - Posts by swirbster

Posted on 04-19-17 10:38 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #82638
I've been following this project and am continuing what I can on my own for personal use and was wondering where you got the Delfino Plaza models. The only ones that I am able to find have far too many triangles and I can't seem to get them low enough manually.

Posted on 04-19-17 10:40 PM, in Another Super Mario 3D [RELEASED] Link | #82639
How were you able to modify the title screen? I've been struggling to edit Overlay 007 and just get a pixelated mess

Posted on 04-21-17 03:02 PM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #82672
I've succesfully loaded the models for FLUDD in and they function perfectly, but now with that ASM hacks loaded Pianta Village just goes white when loading. Thoght I'd throw that out there

Posted on 04-25-17 04:25 PM, in Mario Kart DS: GameCube Grand Prix Link | #82729
do you still need the title screen? i have one already made up

Posted on 05-01-17 09:16 PM, in Modify Title Screen Link | #82813
I know this is an old thread but I've tried numerous times to create a custom title screen and am having no luck. I think my issue is the byte sizes never perfectly line up to the numbers given. I cant get the image to be 32k for some reason

Posted on 05-10-17 02:36 PM, in Modify Title Screen Link | #82931
The image size is 256 by 192 and is 49.1kb

Posted on 05-10-17 07:19 PM, in Modify Title Screen Link | #82941
Maybe my issue is writing over an existing file. I'm only finding .icg, icl and .isc files using the SM64DSE minimap editor. Im not sure which files i should overwrite to get the right results.

Main - Posts by swirbster

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