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11-28-20 08:50 PM

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Posted on 03-27-17 07:17 AM, in Third Mario Brother? Link | #82165
If They Made it what kinda names would they use?

Posted on 03-27-17 10:55 AM, in How do I make my own SM64DS Hack Link | #82166
Can someone pls help me by making my own hack for the SM64DS
I really have great Ideas for making the SM64DS epic

PS: when I'm done I'm going to upload it on this website

Kind Regards,

Posted on 03-31-17 06:03 AM, in How do I make my own SM64DS Hack Link | #82223
Thnx Mibs

Posted on 05-11-17 04:33 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #82951
When do you think you're done make it because it seems like it is going to be a very big project

Posted on 05-11-17 04:34 AM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #82952
How many stars are there going to be
256 ;D

or just around 72 with 16 courses

Posted on 05-16-17 02:58 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #83118
Why didn't Nintendo make this game for the DS it could be something that alot of people want to buy

Posted on 05-17-17 07:28 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #83143
how are you going to do this
cuz in the real GC system they use alot of stuff
I heard that the game was around 2 maybe 3 gig and that is alot

My point is that some of us really want to play the game on there Nintendo DS (I own one)
is there comming a version that you only use the Important assets for on the DS because I also want to trick my friend into this ;P Keep on going with your great work

Posted on 05-18-17 02:41 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #83165

What I mean
is there going to be like a E3 or something (my friends always check the Nintendo release pages)

and I want to let them believe that there was a day that Nintendo wanted to work on it

Thanks for saying that because I always thought that the Gamecube was able to store more memory on their small CD's ( I have a GC bTW) and I looked up ones how much mb one BLOCK was and I looked how many BLOCKS it costs for my memory card

Posted on 05-18-17 03:19 AM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #83168
do you also have some screenshots of what your doing
I really like to see your progression in this hack ;D

Posted on 05-18-17 04:55 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #83174
Posted by SGC
No, the GC is incapable of writing data to game discs, data can be extracted from them by the console, but not written to, ever.

If you're curious GC game disks can only hold 1.5 GB of data, and back during the 6th Generation, Developers always complained about the small size of GC Discs, due to the fact they couldn't hold very much, compared to other consoles at that time.

Some GC games even had to use 2 discs, because the whole game wouldn't fit, sometimes.

Also, I have 5 GCs, in case you were wondering, 1 Black GC, 2 Silver GCs, an Indigo GC,
and 1 Spice Orange Japanese GC.

Wow that is amazing I bought my console from my teammate's brother who didn't used it

For my GC I have a few games
- Mario Kart Double Dash
- 2 Harry Potter Series
- Looney Tunes
- Super Smash Bros Melee
Thats all I only want to have Mario Sunshine, I heard great things about it
and they are making one on the DS with mario 64 DS (on this website) :D

Posted on 05-22-17 03:24 AM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #83279
What is your strategy of making this rom hack

is it Course 1 2 3 4 5 enz
or is it 'Make the easiest one than the harder ones'

If you want to know why I ask this because most developers are doing the 'Make the easiest one ....'

I hope your rom hack will be the best
good luck

are you going to putt in a Beta and Alpha for this Rom hack

Posted on 05-25-17 10:49 AM, in Super Mario Sunshine 64 DS Link | #83338
How did you even created that F.L.U.D.D it's looks hard btw
and is it even possible to make some of those islands villagers ;P

Posted on 05-29-17 03:25 AM, in Another Super Mario 3D [RELEASED] Link | #83381
How do u get the star in the first world ( the star Button is in the water) and I see that the wario hat is on a goomba but for one reason I am not able to Punch the gate In the tree trunk and when I climb up the tree I see a Hole (its seeled) but when I ground pound on it wario isnt able to open it how do u get the star in the first world If u see this message pls replier

Kind Regards,

Posted on 06-07-17 04:58 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #83596
Do u also have in the game

- the way luigi walks (scared or Shocked when he walks through the mansion)
- Little Ghosts
- Moving Tables or something

Just for maybe thinking about it to put that in hhaha :)

Posted on 06-21-17 06:32 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #83914
Posted by Kallus
Yeah, I've modeled before. The thing I'm mostly doing with my models is lowering the poly count of existing models, which usually works out. I've also tooled around with OBJ importing, I did some tests were I swapped the models of a character for a new one. (like replacing the boo model with the goomba model, which was just a test. the result was pretty strange though.) I'm new to animations however, but I'm learning. So far, I've added a new idle for luigi. It's really early though and could use some fixing up. As for ASM, I've tooled with that before and have a basic knowledge of how to use it, but I'm also learning more about it atm.


I'm finishing up the models right now, and I'm going to start importing the mansion exterior model. The toads are being retextured right now, and I'm finishing up the low-poly version of E. Gadd. Stay tuned for more updates!

Wow ehm so your are able doing that thats amazing :) but did you used the Idle animations of luigi From the GC game itself or just went from your own sketches Cant wait to see him walk

Posted on 07-03-17 06:56 AM, in Super Mario The New Beginning Link | #84216
Dang, that looks epic hope when You release it it still looks as awsome ass you have shown in the trailer

Posted on 07-19-17 10:31 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #84842
This maybe sounds stupid but What if u made a new character ghost or something
that would be awsome or a Companion (that dog) u see in the real game (aldo now I think of it U need to make a whole new character sprite for it)

Anyway hope you'll fix the problem with the mansion
PS: Can u show me(US) things that ur working on like the Mansion or how the game looks like now soo Someone is able to say stuff about what u can fix or what u need to add and so on.

I give you the best of luck

Posted on 10-05-17 03:28 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #90005
Wow the luigi and the E.gadd model look very good for a ds standard
I think that the modeling of the ghosts is going to be easy cuz their just blobs of color with eyes :)
what is the website u use to get the luigi and E.gadd model

good luck with the mansion modeling btw

1 question are there going to be cutscénes like the real game

Posted on 10-06-17 07:40 AM, in Excerpt from Super Mario 256 Link | #90089
Peach can use her beauty to stun sertain enemies so u can get a free hit on them first

or u get walluigi on her spot cuz there is a polygon thingy of him
looks good cant wait to see it

Posted on 10-08-17 09:48 AM, in Luigi's Mansion DS Link | #90200
Posted by Kallus
maybe, I can try.

if u do it would be awsome but it would take ages to make it fit inside the game
what I mean is that u already stated that the polygon count is taking alot of lag with it soooo

its a maybe for now but if u are able to do it than u are the best hacker ;)
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Main - Posts by TheRetroGamer02

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