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04-23-21 06:43 AM

Main - Posts by ThatZeroFrozn

Posted on 03-08-17 03:45 PM, in Launch Stars (and Totally Not Breaking the Game's Code) Link | #81840
This look extremly awesome!
Good job mibts!
I got 2 questions:
1.Are we allowed to use it in our own rom hack (And then of course credit you)?
2.Is a SM64DS version with a launch star patch still possible to be played on a Nintendo DS/i (XL)?

Posted on 03-09-17 04:42 PM, in Launch Stars (and Totally Not Breaking the Game's Code) Link | #81885
Too bad I dont have a Flashcard or something like that ;_; i'd love to try that
When will the new version be for download
(Or did you actually update your top post)?

Posted on 03-14-17 12:42 PM, in mario Kart model (help) Link | #81986
Since I don't know which Mario Kart you mean, I just assume you mean Mario Kart DS :P
(Of course, if you meant e.g. Mario Kart Double Dash or others from the Mario Kart series, they are also on Model Resource)

Main - Posts by ThatZeroFrozn

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