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10-25-20 01:08 AM

Main - Posts by Gimzie

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Posted on 12-20-16 06:00 PM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports (rev. 2 of 12-20-16 06:00 PM) Link | #80452

Posted on 12-22-16 01:56 PM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports Link | #80519
Posted by Hiccup
it doesn't. the old version dumps it as a decrypted romfs and exefs. you still have to extract with ctrtool. there is a tool based on braindump that can dump all (or specific) files and folders from the romfs of title you have inserted/installed, to the sd card. it is called romfs explorer (or something like that).

Right, I forgot about that. Either way, you can use the tools here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxPRAYujqwU-QnY0Z3Jrdl9nS2s

(Romfs tool package without the copyrighted stuff)

Posted on 12-24-16 04:47 PM, in <delete this> (rev. 6 of 02-15-17 10:18 AM) Link | #80549

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 12-31-16 09:34 PM, in NSMB2 Raptor`s Tilesets DELETE THIS THREAD Link | #80679
I know its your own collection and all, but posting it on the tileset thread would contribute to it. ;0

Posted on 01-01-17 11:26 PM, in NSMB2 Tilesets Link | #80710
Here are various tilesets from me and explos . (Some were used in Next before it was cancelled)


Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/PDnWT

(These are the same ones I released for the NSMB2 Community Level Pack)

Posted on 01-02-17 01:28 AM, in NSMB2 Tilesets Link | #80713
Posted by poudink
Could post them "seperatly" (post the images and tilesets together in your post instead of just posting a big tileset pack and a big image pack please?

That would make a big long post, and I literally just copied the links from my community level pack thread.

Posted on 01-08-17 10:38 PM, in NSMB2 Help Thread Link | #80857
The sky colors are actually based off one color shade, stored in one file in the ROMFS. Only thing is, I don't remember what exact file it was. You could ask explos, as he did it.

Posted on 01-10-17 04:24 PM, in NSMB2 Help Thread (rev. 2 of 01-10-17 04:48 PM) Link | #80870
Posted by RaptorBR
Hello,I have a question.

Is possible change the ? Block and Brick Block sprites? And the enemies textures?

Yeah, its possible. Me and Explos worked on it once. Some sort of encryption makes the spritesheet all garbled though. I don't remember exactly how we did it, but it is possible.

Posted on 01-11-17 08:53 PM, in NSMB2 Help Thread Link | #80877
Maybe some tool could be written that makes the CTPK edits much easier..

Other than that, thanks Explos for explaining the process! :D

Posted on 01-15-17 03:23 PM, in MvL 2? Link | #80947
Nobody has really been doing anything ASM-wise in NSMB2. The problem is, people are more interested in NSMB and NSMBU hacking. People need to see that if we have people working on ASM hacks, we can get the stuff that was in NSMBW but missing in its port for the 3DS.

It's kinda like the thing where nobody wants to develop games for Linux because there's not much of an audience there, but in order for an audience to develop, games need to be released for Linux.

Posted on 01-15-17 07:15 PM, in MvL 2? Link | #80950

(post deleted) #80953

Posted on 01-17-17 02:24 AM, in MvL 2? Link | #80964
Just search around for "NTR Boot Selector" and "OnionFS".

Posted on 01-21-17 07:59 PM, in NSMB2 Tilesets Link | #81040

Posted on 01-21-17 11:12 PM, in NSMB2 Tilesets (rev. 2 of 01-21-17 11:13 PM) Link | #81048
Yeah, I had a similar problem in my freezeflame level, I just used the SMW background.

Posted on 01-31-17 01:35 AM, in NSMB2 Custom Content Link | #81169
Those levels look pretty good! (Aside from some small graphics stuff)

Posted on 01-31-17 06:37 PM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports Link | #81176
I've got the ? switch to be reusable, not sure about P and !. Also, side note, the switches only seem to activate blocks near you.

Posted on 02-02-17 06:45 PM, in NSMB2 Custom Content Link | #81212

Posted on 02-03-17 03:45 PM, in NSMB2 Custom Content (rev. 2 of 02-03-17 03:45 PM) Link | #81227
The invisible tiles behave weirdly. I would suggest adding a custom tile to any tileset, with a blank tile, set to solid.
I'm thinking of making an invisible tileset for these needs.
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Main - Posts by Gimzie

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