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10-25-20 09:07 PM

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Posted on 10-31-16 11:21 PM, in [UNOFFICIAL] 3DS Modding Temple (Games & Console!) [DISCORD] Link | #79370
I've decided to make a Discord for anything related to 3DS hacking.

The Discord includes:

- A help channel (noob friendly)
- NSMB2, SM3DL, SSB4, and MK7 modding channels!
- A tools channel, for posting any hacking tools you might have
- 3DS Hacking in general
- Off topic chatting


Remember, this Discord is not related to Kuribo64, just to clarify.

For those who don't know, Discord is a flexible chat platform, that's useful for lots of things. You can use the official online version, or install the desktop client that supports setting statuses for playing games.

Have fun! :D

Posted on 11-01-16 02:17 PM, in Super Mario Bros. Next - A NSMB2 Mod Link | #79392
As a side note, you guys should set your website up for search engine indexing, as a quick search for New Super Mario Bros Next gives nothing. :(

Posted on 11-01-16 02:21 PM, in Super Mario Bros. Next - A NSMB2 Mod (rev. 3 of 11-01-16 02:56 PM) Link | #79394
Posted by StapleButter
it's already set up. the name "super mario bros next" is generic as fuck apparently, that's all.

Ah, that explains the alright mod "New Super Mario Bros Wii 2: The Next Levels"

EDIT: Off topic question, but why on earth do the profile pics of people flip vertically when you refresh the page?

EDIT 2: Confused the mod mentioned with another one

Posted on 11-01-16 06:17 PM, in [UNOFFICIAL] 3DS Modding Temple (Games & Console!) [DISCORD] Link | #79407
Posted by SunakazeKun
Let's not forget my SM3DL (and SMG) hacking board :P

Posted by Yami
Just so you know, NSMB2 Hacking is already being handled by Kuribo64, and MK7 Hacking is already being handled by 3DSHack.org.
Just to not kill any actual communities, I've decided not to join your Discord Server, which I just see as a new attempt to kill the purpose of having Forums.

I'm not trying to get rid of forums, which is why I said it was not related to Kuribo64. Discord is more for quick things that you don't need to spam forums for. Anything important however goes onto here.

Posted on 11-01-16 06:24 PM, in [UNOFFICIAL] 3DS Modding Temple (Games & Console!) [DISCORD] Link | #79409
Posted by StapleButter
besides, a lot of us prefer IRC :P

Discord is like IRC on steroids.

That's fine, but whoever wants to join can join.

Posted on 11-01-16 08:08 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 2 of 11-01-16 08:09 PM) Link | #79414
I can magically breathe too.

I am a brick I do not breathe.

Posted on 11-03-16 09:18 AM, in New Super Mario Redux [DEMO] Link | #79449
I like the level design! Keep up the good work! :D

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 11-09-16 11:44 PM, in Super Mario Bros. Next - A NSMB2 Mod Link | #79614
Posted by TMolter
The sad thing is that the drama is still there, though it is more hidden which makes it worse in my opinion :/

That sucks! Hope it gets resolved soon! ^w^

Posted on 11-14-16 09:02 PM, in Super Mario Bros. Next - A NSMB2 Mod Link | #79711
Posted by maor322

The hack is still going. Its just that Explos quit.

Nope. In case you haven't noticed, you've been kicked.

Next is dead, we all pretty much agreed we should let it die. Still talking about it.

Posted on 11-22-16 12:42 AM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79836
Someone keeps changing the already fine spritedata, and either making it better, or worse.

For example, for the Cheep Cheep, I added that nybble 6 determined if it was red and green or not, while the person edited it so that it had more values (great), but decided to remove my two discovered values.

Another (worse) example is the Adjustable Water Flow. I had all the values figured out, then the person went ahead and removed all the values. I don't remember what each nybble did, so StapleButter, would you be able to restore the spritedata to an earlier version? Thanks.

Posted on 11-22-16 12:44 AM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79838
Posted by shibboleet
it's hiccup.

not to call him out

but yeah


Do you have enough access to restore it to an earlier date? (Not the cheep cheep, i fixed that)

Posted on 11-22-16 12:49 AM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79840
Posted by shibboleet
nope, it doesn't store revisions


I think I have an old spritedata xml copy that I could try copy from.
On a seperate note, I think Hiccup thought that my data was invalid and only based on used levels. It was only based on used levels, but I tested it as well, and the data was accurate.

Posted on 11-22-16 05:11 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database (rev. 3 of 11-22-16 05:32 PM) Link | #79848
There is no reason to remove my database access, when I contributed things.

SMBNext has nothing to do with this at all and I really want to put that behind me.

EDIT v2: I never got into any kind of "edit war", just said that someone was nullifing sprite information, and provided two sprites that I contributed to as an example. Sorry for any confusion. (I am trying to be a better person, especially after that next crap)

Posted on 11-22-16 05:42 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79852
NSMB2 is like a handheld version of NSMBW, except with less features. :P

Posted on 11-22-16 05:44 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79854

Posted on 11-22-16 05:47 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79856
Posted by MattCrafter
By play I meant emulate, as in actually getting it onto the console. For wii, you just need to Homebrew it regularly, but for 3DS games, in some firmware versions you have to hardmod.

Nah, for the Wii you have to walk. For the 3DS, just edit stuff, compile it, place your sd card in, replace it, and run it through hans.

Posted on 11-22-16 05:51 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79859

Posted on 11-22-16 05:55 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79861
No, as long as you're on the right firmware, just use a qr code and you're done.

Posted on 11-22-16 05:58 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #79863
Nah, buy fieldrunners and wait for slowhax. I assume it will come out near this black friday, when lots of people will get new n3dses. (Especially after the Pokemon Moon/Sun bans)
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Main - Posts by Gimzie

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