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08-06-20 06:42 AM

Main - Posts by Toms

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Posted on 06-07-16 03:30 PM, in The Introductions Thread Link | #71666
Well hi

You may know me from RVLution ect.

I made an acount a little bit ago, but I thought that I'd say hi :)

Posted on 07-11-16 12:08 AM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #73303
Dayum, this looks pretty cool

And of course, since we're all thinking the same thing...


Honestly, NSMB2 isn't all that bad. Sure it seems that it shamelessy rips everything from NSMBW, but there's actually alot of new stuff hidden under the hood

Really looking forward to this (and possibly a tileset editor too)

Posted on 07-11-16 03:57 PM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #73345
Wait... who said Skawo had to make a Newer2

There's other good level designers out there as well LIKE MEEE

Actually, working on something like Newer2 would be really fun
(But that means I'd have to buy another 3DS)

Posted on 08-27-16 06:16 PM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports Link | #76556
So I'm making a castle and a few things are refusing to appear in my level no matter what I try

-2 Big Thwamps in a hidden starcoin area
-Door that leads to the halfway flag
-Starcoins 1 and 2

I've already checked the data values and it seems that they match up with those sprites in other levels

I also cannot provite screenshots because my computer currently has no access to the internet

Posted on 08-27-16 07:44 PM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports Link | #76565
I'll try to get that to you ASAP

(Though I won't be home until tomorrow)

Posted on 08-27-16 08:09 PM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #76567
Here are some things that I'd like to see in the near future :P

-Path editing (including that yellow bar at the bottom of every level)
-Speed editing and blocks traveled to the castle platforms in W1

Posted on 08-27-16 09:54 PM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports Link | #76581
Oh yeah. Why do you have to click save 20 times for it to actually save?

Posted on 08-27-16 09:58 PM, in CoinKiller - Suggestions Link | #76582
Can you add path editing??

(And what is that stupid yellow path in every level)

Posted on 08-28-16 10:11 AM, in CoinKiller - Bug reports Link | #76594
I think I may actually be using an older version of the editor :P

Explains some of the crap I've run into

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 09-22-16 02:57 PM, in Newer FREEZEFLAME NIGHTMARE (rev. 3 of 10-12-16 11:52 AM) Link | #77800
Might as well post it here as well :P

This is a Newer minihack based around Freezeflame Glacier/Volcano

-9 new levels, based around snow and lava
-Some awesome remixed music
-Brand new maps
-Possibly a custom boss
-super-secret hidden world

around 30%ish

Mario and friends return from their latest adventure, but when they get back to the Mushroom Kingdom, things are a bit off. Something awful has happened (Besides it being winter). Volcanos have sprung up all over the place, and the entire landmass is lo looking like it could collapse into the Mushroom Mines far below.


Beta Mines Map

-Toms Leader/Level designer/Map designer
-Starslayer Music remixer
-SnakeBlock Logo

Please note that I could always use some help on this hack and you can feel free to PM me to join. The only thing that I ask is that you show prior work

Posted on 09-22-16 09:44 PM, in NSMB2 Sprite Database Link | #77813
Sprite 35 (Lava bubble)

-nybble 6 controls the delay of how long it'll wait in the lava

(post in restricted forum)

Posted on 09-29-16 11:38 AM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #78077
I think he's asking if it's possible to import custom background models into the game

And as far as I know, it's possible, but really hard, and the custom models don't scroll across the screen like regular backgrounds

Posted on 09-29-16 11:44 AM, in RVLution gets nowhere. Link | #78078
Bleh, NSMBW hacking is fun, but I agree that RVLution needs to be archived 100%

Also, Arisotura is causing global warming not RVL
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Main - Posts by Toms

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