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10-16-18 08:52 PM

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Posted on 01-19-18 05:37 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92892
Ugh dentists

they even considered root canal for me and I am not looking forward to tomorrow where they have to fix yet another cavity I have and they said it's "pretty big"

Posted on 01-19-18 05:38 PM, in Can i make an ISO of an dumped game? Link | #92893
Posted by ScarletWavez
What is the UK's legal policy on dumping your own games for backup purposes? I've dumped a few PS1 PAL games for backups and emulation, and don't wish to distribute them.

I don't think dumping is legal, but they won't care if you don't distribute them

Posted on 01-19-18 05:39 PM, in Mario's Art Dump! Link | #92894
You drew Mario in a dress and I'm happy

Posted on 01-19-18 05:43 PM, in What are your beliefs? Link | #92895
Why do you stay away from Ouija boards? They're just a bunch of cardboard and wood or whatever material it's made from. I don't believe in spirits or any sort of paranormal. That's the stuff of fiction and the scientific method can never ever detect them. Through Occam's Razor, they don't exist.

"unexplained occurrences" could be hallucinations (perceiving things that aren't there), your bad memory, and so on

Posted on 01-19-18 05:43 PM, in Modelers Resourse some models textures not working Link | #92896
Did you check the UV mapping for the model?

Posted on 01-21-18 01:37 AM, in Modelers Resourse some models textures not working (rev. 6 of 01-21-18 01:56 AM) Link | #92907
What program do you use? 3D Paint seems to be one of them, but I've had similar problems with PokePark's models in the past. It seems like the UV Mapping is bad. The .dae is particulary buggy for me, with both the texture mapping and the rig not loading properly.

I checked the UV Map for it. This is not good.


The .OBJ, however, should have working textures while the .smd works as well. Both have normals problems for me, in the end (the reason it looks like a disco ball).

This is what a proper UV map should look like. See how the pieces neatly on the texture sheet?


I don't think the ripper did a good job in the end.

Finally, I opened the .dae file in Maya 2014. No texture problem there, textures are correctly unwrapped, but the normals are still undesirable.

But if you're having a problem of NO textures, this is because the 3D program can't find the textures. You just have to reapply them through the appropriate material editor. But as I warn you, the .dae file may have problems as I had with 3DS Max 2010, which is why I ask which program you're using.

Posted on 01-21-18 01:57 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92908
Posted by Isaac
that is why you rush everyday and keep your mouth clean. The only thing I hate about dentist are the shoots in my gum.

I do brush every day, though I don't consistently brush at the same time and I sometimes brush only once. I never floss, but I don't think flossing is going to prevent the cavity.

Posted on 01-21-18 10:11 PM, in Modelers Resourse some models textures not working Link | #92921
Maybe the program is looking for a texture file path and can't find the texture (which happened when I imported the model). You probably have to check its material editor.

Posted on 01-23-18 05:32 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92938
You're supposed to floss all parts of your teeth, and yeah, floss can be annoying. Cavities and root canals are far worse though.

Posted on 01-23-18 05:35 PM, in Skawo Fake Channels Link | #92939
I think these are reportable offenses, but I just don't trust Youtube to respond to them.

Posted on 01-23-18 05:36 PM, in Last games you played? Link | #92941

I set people on fire, and it's fun.

Posted on 01-23-18 08:22 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92944
I think flossing is for everyone. If your teeth is misaligned, might be a good idea to get them corrected.

Posted on 01-26-18 01:15 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92979
I've gotten accustomed to the insane amount of numbers.

Posted on 01-27-18 02:36 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #92992
you use iOS

that's the problem.

Posted on 02-07-18 07:19 PM, in School Systems (or at least America's) (rev. 4 of 02-07-18 07:28 PM) Link | #93148

A response on the whole "school is failing us" remark.

The entire article is thoughtful, but here's a passage

For evidence of this, one need look only to the past. If the educational system had broken at some point, a look backward would reveal an end to progress—a point at which the system stopped working. Yet that isn’t at all the picture that emerges. Instead, one can see that across many generations, the schools have slowly and steadily improved.

Consider the teachers in classrooms. For most of American history, teachers received no training at all, and hiring was a chaotic process in which the only constant was patronage. To quote Ted Sizer on the subject, the typical result was one “in which some mayor’s half-drunk illiterate uncle was hired to teach twelfth-grade English.” There were other problems, too. As late as the 20th century, for instance, would-be educators generally had little if any student-teaching experience prior to entering classrooms, and they received no preparation for teaching particular content areas. Even as recently as mid-century, prospective teachers had no background in adolescent cognition and received no training in how to work with students from diverse backgrounds. All of that has changed. Does that mean that today’s system of teacher education is without flaw? Hardly. There’s lots of work yet to be done. But there is also no question that the average teacher in the U.S. today is better prepared than the average teacher from any past period.

The same is true of the school curriculum. Sure, it’s somewhat arbitrary and, at least for some students, insufficiently challenging. But Americans are regularly told that the modern curriculum is a relic of the past and that it has grown increasingly out of date. That simply isn’t true. Prior to the 20th century, high schools focused heavily on Latin and Greek, required coursework in subjects like zoology and mechanical drawing, and rarely offered any math beyond algebra. In 1900, the average school year was 100 days long—40 percent shorter than the current school year—and classes were commonly twice as large as contemporary ones. And well into the 20th century, girls and students of color were regularly offered a separate curriculum, emphasizing domestic or industrial training. Do students still read books? Yes. Do they sit in desks? Typically. Do teachers still stand at the front of the class? For the most part. But beyond that, there are more differences than similarities. Again, this doesn’t mean that present practices are ideal—but it does mean that Americans should think twice before dissolving into panic over what is being taught in modern classrooms.

Finally, consider the outcomes produced by the educational system. Critics are right that achievement scores aren’t overwhelmingly impressive and that troubling gaps persist across racial, ethnic, and income groups. Yet scores are up over the past 40 years, and the greatest gains over that period have been made by black and Hispanic students. They’re right that the U.S. finishes well behind exam-oriented countries like Taiwan and Korea on international tests. But scores are roughly on par with countries like Norway, which was named by the United Nations the best place in the world to live; and students from low-poverty states like Massachusetts outscore most of their global peers. Critics are right that 40 percent of college students still don’t graduate. But almost half of all American high-school students now head off to college each year—an all-time high. And whatever the doom-and-gloom about schools failing to address workforce needs, it’s worth remembering that the U.S has the strongest economy in the world—by an enormous margin.

tl;dr: school is better than ever and stats show it and U.S. actually rivals or outscores Norway

"school teaches us pointless crap!"

Back then, school also taught arguably more pointless crap including Greek and Latin, and didn't teach beyond algebra; girls and racial minorities are offered separate curriculum because products of time; our curriculum is better. We also have better standards for hiring teachers, compared to before.

don't get me wrong, I hate school with every inch of my body and I also thought it was broken, but the article made me think twice

Posted on 02-07-18 08:11 PM, in School Systems (or at least America's) Link | #93154
I don't think anyone denies that schools are perfect but I think they've overall gotten better, and I think the curriculum is better too. Not sure about student happiness, I do think students are pressured way too much, and it seems that happier students do better, so schools should focus on making students happy and also promote equal access for everyone rather than this bad income inequality that also hampers success with students.

Posted on 03-26-18 10:28 PM, in local climate bork (rev. 2 of 03-26-18 10:28 PM) Link | #93795
Posted by RealHeroicGamer
does this mean kuribo isn't generating as much global warming as normal?

nah, the weird "broken" cold weather is really to be expected

basically, global warming is making the vortex veer farther down than normal so the freak coldness the east coast of US and Europe is actually what climatologists predicted all along!

compare that to west coast where it's much drier and warmer than normal at least for the majority of this winder

Posted on 03-26-18 10:31 PM, in possible feature idea: customizable sidebar Link | #93796
I just wanna customize the CSS of my sidebar as I've done with RVLution.

Posted on 03-26-18 10:32 PM, in Election fraud Link | #93797
So, Cambridge Analytica Facebook thing is, well, a thing.

Any thoughts?

Posted on 03-26-18 10:45 PM, in Las Vegas shooting Link | #93798
I guess this is tangentially related, but I do wish for the NRA to lick its own butthole. Same thing for the nice bunch of those that identify as conservatives who like smearing Parkland survivors by posting fake images of them burning the Constitution or mocking them for being Cuban (only to double down and point out how "ironic" it is that their family has escaped from a regime that took away their gunz) or whining how high school kids should be seen and not heard and shouldn't have a political voice.

This is what Trump does, folks, it makes a number of Republicans think it's all right to start being verbally vicious to your political opponents. But anyhow, this is what the Republican Party is now (if not for a loooong time now); there is no bottom of this barrel for these maggots who think some amendment that has worked in the context of the 17th century somehow applies today. The 2nd amendment should be repealed or at least put in the same level as relevance as the 4th amendment. Enough is enough.
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