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01-20-19 10:10 PM

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Posted on 03-15-16 07:38 PM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #68709
Yup. I don't see the distrust in "mainstream media". Given that there is a pretty wide range of viewpoints (from Faux News to NPR to Mother Jones to CBS News) within what we call "mainstream media", exactly what makes something "mainstream" or not anyway? The only things I see are "mainstream" and "fringe" even though some networks like Faux News has fringe elements (and it doesn't consider itself mainstream either even though it has a damn high viewership).

On-topic: man, the more I look at Google Glass, the more I think it looks really stupid. Also, lol, Google Glass is getting banned in places, which includes driving because of privacy issues. What if they start making Smart Contact Lens? :o

Posted on 03-15-16 08:13 PM, in Just stop trying, Google (rev. 4 of 03-15-16 08:21 PM) Link | #68718
I think they're designed to not be intrusive while you're going on daily lives, but how the hell are you supposed to enforce that, especially for drivers? It's already tough enough with Google Glass, but this... omg. Maybe we'll have... driverless cars to compensate.

Posted by supergamecube
Yes, the government might provide a lot of useful services, but that doesn't mean they're being completely honest with us all of the time. Anyway, I dislike main stream media, it's always filled with some sort of bullshit, especially propaganda, like it, or not. One of the main things I dislike about the government is, when they fuck up, or have any problems, for example lets say they piss off some other country, it becomes our problem as well, and in the end the people get hurt over the things they say, and do, even though we could careless most of the time.

Never implied that they don't screw up and sometimes majorly like the Patriot Act, how they handled the Rwanda massacre, police brutality, quackery (like they allow homeopathy), super PACs, powerful lobbyists, money scandals, and more. But government isn't appreciated for what it has done for us, as many of you would find your lives much tougher if it weren't for financial aid, EPA, CDC, FDA, the U.S. Department of Education, even the IRS, and many many more.

And honestly, when people say that "mainstream media has some sort of bullshit", they never specify in regards of the information AND the whatever is providing it. Yes, they may have coverage issues including self-censorship during Charlie Hebdo massacre, no coverage given to global warming whatsoever, weird priorities such as not shutting up about Donald Trump or this basketball team guy who spouted racist comments, being not very informative, forcing "balance" into science based issues such as global warming, GMOs, and vaccines where there is actually a right side and a wrong side (on the other hand not covering valid views because of bias), questionable ownership control, bad priorities like no coverage on Rwanda genocide whatsoever, and many many more, but this doesn't sound really bad compared to the "nonmainstream" stuff like cranks, conspiracy theorists, and other crazy outlets.

Posted on 03-15-16 08:32 PM, in Just stop trying, Google Link | #68720
I'd like to think that it's not immediate (even though it is happening right now) or not easily noticeable but hm I don't see why mainstream media that's talking about the El Nino we've had recently doesn't say "Oh, and global warming is making it and the drought worse. Experience it for yourself and weep at your SUV before ultimately driving it to work."

And then you have politicians who don't take the issue seriously as they should (both Democrats and Republicans are guilty of this, although pretty much every Republican denies it) or even outright claim that it is a "hoax" or some crap like that probably just to score votes by these kinds of people.

I also think that stuff like the Sierra Leone civil war in 2002 and whatever is going on in East Timor would also be pretty good in garnering sensation but ah well, nobody knows about those.

Posted on 03-15-16 08:51 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square Link | #68725
Yeah, it was harder to do when nobody is there to fact-check Dad's lies (or nobody brave enough...), which includes his unreasonable expectations from us. I'm actually an uber-sensitive person, amplified by Dad being, well, my Dad and someone who I should trust. In a way, I'm still surprised that Dad has been emotionally abusing me all this time, and I was even denying that when I suspected or when other people in the community and my psychiatrist told me this. I've been manipulated by Dad to accept whatever he says as the truth, that I'm a loser, I'm 21 and still living with my parents, I can't drive, I can't cook a lot, and I'm sitting at a computer all day, and my living is pathetic, with my ADHD being an excuse.

He drove me to the point where I hurt myself. I cut myself with scissors, scratched my arm and face until they were red, I shaved one of my eyebrows off, and sobbed for most of the remaining night because I really thought I was pathetic and I couldn't express my frustration and anguish without feeling like a whiny self-entitled adult-child and a failure. Dad after all does love me, and I've thought that abusers are evil people, and Dad isn't evil and he does have good ethics. I also thought it was my fault for failing at life and I didn't deserve a roof or a home when people around me work so hard. I didn't want to kill myself, I just wanted to give my physical body some misery and blood-letting and some ugliness without being crippled, which is why I resorted to self-harm. Not to mention, I looked it up on the Internet.

I had to reevaluate my entire relationship with my dad, and even now, I have to reflect other emotional outbreaks I had with him such as scratching his car with a blade, sobbing in bed, how Dad humiliated me in front of his family, and most likely continued emotional abuse in the future, but now that I identified Dad's insults as mostly lies and and emotional abuse, I think I can handle them better, though I'm still terrified of him. He's also controlling what I do, as Baby Luigi probably has said, by manipulating our Internet connection.

Posted on 03-15-16 09:09 PM, in Just stop trying, Google (rev. 2 of 03-15-16 09:22 PM) Link | #68727
Just to add on what Baby Luigi has said, we actually have a ton of evidence for global warming from CO2 dissolved in our oceans to global average temperatures to record heat waves in the recent years to erratic weather leading to droughts and floods alike to ice amounts in the polar caps to disrupted migration patterns. While science is always cautious, we have evidence all over the place across various, if not all, scientific fields from chemistry, meteorology, oceanography, biology and more. It's very complex, sure, but the huge amounts of data we have for global warming is consistent with it, and there's no doubt that we're causing it. And it will be disastrous since the climate is changing so quickly so the events will be extreme and drastic.

Also, unlike weather, it is considerably easier to predict trends in climate.

Oil companies do have a lot of power because everyone needs petroleum and all, and it doesn't help that our own government can be controlled by these interest groups. The real conspiracy here is oil companies hiring "experts", often unqualified to argue about climatology, to deny that global warming exists or at least say that "it isn't bad" or even say that it is a hoax. And true, most of those who deny global warming not only have incorrect and cherry-picked data, they DO have oil ties.

In the meantime, on with Google bashing, Google HAS funded global warming denying thinktanks and other things like that, so go them.

Posted on 03-15-16 09:57 PM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 3 of 03-15-16 10:00 PM) Link | #68730
I do go to community college if that counts. I'm in the U.S. as far as I know, but I've had other people from Canada in another gaming community giving me advice. I frequent another one much longer than this one, so yeah, I don't want you to feel like I'm just wanting to elicit pity from you because I'd feel horrible. I mean, someone even threatened suicide here and got backlash for "wanting attention", and I myself have made strong implications of willingness to commit suicide that time without prior warning but then later posting to clarify what happened and then said that "I'll be off" but I just had to post more and more details and answers, and at one point, even deny the abuse taking place so I seem like a self-entitled brat than an actual victim, so a third party without preconceptions can properly identify what's going on.

Not sure about social care services, I've hurt myself back in the 20th of January (god, I still remember that date) and, while everything else seems to be fine, my scratch wound on my arm and the marks where the cut wounds were are still there.

As much as I want the police to know about Dad, I don't think it's gonna help since at the time, he's the only one with income in my family (my older brother recently got a job, so that's great) and we're struggling with maintaining our house. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the Great Recession is hitting us hard.

But really, I appreciate your advice and I'll consider it as well. It's satisfying to see other people denounce Dad because it helps me realize how much of an ass he is and, more importantly, how wrong he is. I didn't realize how ridiculously warped my rational for self-harm was and how typical it is for victims involved in the abuse cycle but if it weren't for the people I contacted, I wouldn't have realized. I've said "Dad isn't a bad parent, he just bought us a new graphics card, he takes us to restaurants, he takes us to haircuts, he cooks for us, he sometimes hugs us, he has pictures of me and my sister in his room, he can't be abusive/a bad parent" but others have said that he isn't providing adequate support either way, even the emotional support.

But yeah, I think there's something positive to gain from this, and that I can empathize with people like StapleButter who also have bad parents.

Posted by StapleButter
Kuribo64 is here for you, even if that doesn't mean much.

Also, if you want to go to the police, you should try to get records of your dad's actions. Going to them with zero proof will give you nothing but trouble.

Did he really say that, or did he imply it in some way or another? Regardless, that's a terrible way to think of your children.

Not living on your own at 21 isn't a big deal. Well, I don't know how things go in USA, but it's not like you were 40.

Regarding driving, have your parents done anything towards taking you to a driving school? If not, well, he can shut up. He'd expect you to take the decision but it's your own choice. And those things cost money, too.

I don't have any actual proof, so there's that.

And yeah, he did say that. This below is how I recalled it, but it's still pretty accurate and was posted when the memory is still fresh. But he HAS threatened the police, he has said that it's "pathetic" and he has mentioned my ADHD and that "you can't excuse it for acting like a 12 year old when you're actually 20", especially since after I've told him that there's a 4-year delay in cognitive development in ADHD so he thinks I'm just using it as an excuse for "having a pathetic life".

He mentions, I'm 20 years old, don't know how to cook, I don't drive, don't have a job, sits in front of a computer or a TV set with a controller in hand. He said it's pathetic. He said something like "what are you going to do, say it's your ADHD so you think you have a right or an excuse to be treated as a 12 year old". Given his past remarks about it, even calling me a freak at one point. He probably thinks ADHD is a lie or an excuse I make. His Chinese culture has that kind of attitude to mental disorders. I still think he's ignorant, but it's still personal and it's still an emotional low blow. He finished with "If you don't like what I'm saying or living here, then get out. I can call the police to get you out of here. You're 20, going to 21, not a kid anymore."

I still remember, even after I tried leaving him alone, he had followed me and said that "I'm trying to be calm to you; why are you so aggressive and hostile to me?". To put it into context, he wasn't really shouting at me, but there's definitely aggression in his voice. He has a really passive-aggressive way to dealing with this.

Well, on driving, our parents haven't really done much other than verbally berate us, and we actually attempted to go online to learn about driving (and I passed that), but never went farther than that. I've always thought it's my fault I haven't really pushed myself especially since I tell other people to push themselves instead of getting spoonfed.

In the U.S., it really isn't a big deal especially with rising college expenses that force students to stick with their parents to avoid room and board fees AND they have to go to college for more than 4 years, but again, I wouldn't have known because I don't personally know a lot of people. In reality, to live on your own at 20 would be like a legend. In Dadland, you're out and self-sustainable (even though Dad lived with his sister well in this 30s; he thinks it's a special case especially since he's not even born in the U.S.... I mean, what... how can he, a complete foreigner, impose expectations for someone growing up in the U.S.. That boggles my mind now that I think about it.).

Posted on 03-16-16 10:08 AM, in Windows 10 Link | #68743
This sounds an awful lot like a placeholder window that they forgot to change.

Posted on 03-16-16 10:47 AM, in Stupid ads Link | #68744
No specific ads come to mind for me, but I hate ads that seem to be more obnoxious in terms of volume than all the other ads. Like video ads in Youtube suddenly blasting its volume.

Yes, I do use adblock most of the time, but when I don't....

Posted on 03-16-16 11:09 AM, in Kuribo64 Town Square (rev. 2 of 03-16-16 11:10 AM) Link | #68745
Oh, my Dad is doing his best too, I'm certain. But his own arrogance of ignorance has hurt me, and I didn't realize it until I'm 20 and it has hurt my trust on him a lot. He's not going to try righting his wrongs; he has never seen a therapist, not even an attempt, and he even distrusts the field of psychology. This is further exemplified on his personal attacks on my mental abilities, which are obviously ignorant, false and off-base, but when he's imposing over you (I'm only 5'1'' and weigh 90ish pounds) and he's the one with the financial and physical power, you're helpless, you take it all in because Dad said "it's the truth", and you have to hide in your room, have angry, anguishing, self-hating, Dad-hating, life-hating, and sob into the night. At the point where I hurt myself, I reached my breaking point after days like this.

I know it doesn't, but I thought those were my expectations and I couldn't have thought otherwise. Which is why I even hurt myself because I thought I'm a failure even to myself for not trying harder to drive or get a job. Procrastinating.

I still resent my dad even though I love him. He's a good person in the end, but just a bad parent.

Posted on 03-16-16 03:28 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #68754
Why do you think the toast always lands butter-side down?

Posted on 03-16-16 04:51 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #68760
Do you like tartine?

Posted on 03-16-16 04:52 PM, in Windows 10 Link | #68761
You don't even need Photoshop when MS Paint does its job quite nicely. :)

Posted on 03-16-16 06:33 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #68775
Why do you hate Baby Luigi?

Posted on 03-16-16 06:35 PM, in Windows 10 Link | #68776
Ooooh, the comic sans is a nice touch.

Posted on 03-16-16 06:39 PM, in Board updates Link | #68778
That's a relief. That MindShaker person doesn't realize how obnoxious and suspicious it's being and what baffles me is how it continued even after being told to stop.

Posted on 03-16-16 07:33 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #68787
Do you like pie, and why?

Posted on 03-17-16 05:22 PM, in Game files and legality Link | #68827
Posted by SuperMario64DS
I'm curious about this. What did they say?

@StapleButter I recall tons of Mario Kart stuff disappearing from MediaFire's servers because an email at 'NintenTo.com' requested that they'd be taken down.

I don't remember exactly, but RandomTalkingBush, a prominent member of that site, has said something like "They said, 'it's okay if you upload Pokemon Black and White sprites to this site but ONLY after the game is released'". So it seems like they're totally cool with it, and even I can get on board with that.

Posted on 03-17-16 05:26 PM, in ask shit to StapleButter, get answer 3 months later Link | #68828
Wouldn't that just encourage more dumb questions to be asked?

Posted on 03-17-16 05:39 PM, in Windows 10 Link | #68830
Posted by Tierage
MS Paint might be garbage, but it's still serviceable for quick image edits or meme shit

MS Paint is surprisingly great for spriting.

It's really easy to move pixels around in MS Paint compared to every other advanced programs. If you need to shift the eyes lower, just move the pixels, no need to cut and paste and create new layers in the process. While the lack of layers is a bit of a letdown, I still think getting good lineart for your sprites is accomplished best in MS Paint.

Posted on 03-21-16 01:43 PM, in I'm leaving Link | #68982

can I be admn now
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