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10-26-20 05:25 AM

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Posted on 02-24-16 04:54 PM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #68026
I want to help to create it, tell me what can i do to colaborate :D

Posted on 02-24-16 10:51 PM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #68034
I know Java and have god bases of C++ but, honestly have no idea of Qt.... I really want to help, maybe you can help me with some bases of Qt, maybe don't xD Finally it's your choice, i like to much this idea and i really really like to programing!

Posted on 02-27-16 10:21 AM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #68060
Posted by StapleButter
I suggest you practice for a while, although I can say that Qt bears some resemblance to the Java APIs

when you feel that you're ready, grab Coinkiller's code from Github, get QtDesigner, then go nuts

you can send a pull request when you're done, which we will approve if we find it good

Ok, i'll practice, can you tell me with which tool can i develop it?
I tried with Visual Studio 2015 but it doesn't have Qt :/ and my hands are burning for aporting xD

Posted on 03-02-16 12:19 PM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #68154
I have some question... This will work with the gold edition?
When i try to load .3ds/.cia folder it return me an error o c++:
"This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
Please contact the application's support team for more information"
I don't have the normal rom, maybe is for that?

Posted on 03-02-16 12:46 PM, in CoinKiller -- NSMB2 editor upcoming Link | #68157
Ooohhhhhh and with which tool can i do that? xD
Google didn't help me :( ...
I think i'm getting intense xD

Main - Posts by ricodrums

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