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09-27-20 12:52 PM

Main - Posts by Starslayer

Posted on 01-17-16 01:07 PM, in Question? Link | #67077
Does anyone know what the Octoomba model file name is in the SMG files?

Posted on 02-16-17 01:06 AM, in HANS 11.3.0-36 O3DS "invalidated icache" Please Help! Link | #81396
So, basically, my old 3ds use to run hans NSMB2 hacks perfectly, but ever since I updated to 11.3.0-36 using soundhax, all it gives me is a screen that says these things...


_firm_appmemalloc 04000000
code address 1418a000
code size 00503000
paramblk 14189c00
text size 0046a000
text perm 00000001
applied map 00000000
invalidated icache

and yes, my romfs file was named 0007AE00.romfs as it was the times that it actually worked. My region was also set to my old 3ds's region "USA"...

any idea what is happening?

Posted on 02-17-17 02:02 PM, in HANS 11.3.0-36 O3DS "invalidated icache" Please Help! Link | #81409
I've done this multiple times... and it doesn't work :( maybe something to do with the version of HANS? if there any newer versions of it?

Posted on 02-19-17 11:39 AM, in HANS 11.3.0-36 O3DS "invalidated icache" Please Help! Link | #81450
Posted by shibboleet
step 1: install a CFW and use OnionFS

HANS is shit and requires the ROMFS to be built every single time. OnionFS can just load it from your SD card as singular files.

I would, but is it even possible to install a CFW on 11.3.0-36U?

Posted by Yami
The second question is, did you use the old RomFS-Builder, or my MakeROMFS or MakeROMFS-GUI (which is much more accurate and way faster)?

Just tried it, and it still gave me the same result.

Posted on 02-19-17 01:22 PM, in HANS 11.3.0-36 O3DS "invalidated icache" Please Help! Link | #81456
Thats too bad...

I'd try and get a CFW to use OnionFS....
but I don't know how to get a CFW...

Posted on 03-01-17 12:57 AM, in HANS 11.3.0-36 O3DS "invalidated icache" Please Help! (rev. 2 of 03-01-17 12:57 AM) Link | #81676
Tbh, I don't think HANS no longer works on this version, considering I was able to load up Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam just fine with hacks.

Main - Posts by Starslayer

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