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03-04-21 01:47 PM

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Posted on 02-28-20 11:16 PM Link | #98643
I just thrown this guy into Marmoset, curious what he'll look like in that engine.

Man I do sometimes wish Nintendo developed games for more powerful consoles. The lighting will look so much better.

Posted on 10-23-20 07:54 PM Link | #99733
If you guys think I'm just here to chat and sit there, ehh I just am not in the same field of ROM modding.

I modded Mario into Diddy Kong Racing not too long ago. I still need to post footage of it.





with help from my sister of course

This ROM hack does not contain a custom logo. For that I profusely apologize.

it's still not done since I have to figure out how to make morphers. He doesn't animate. He doesn't have his character select done either. I tried to make the animations but they don't show up properly in the importing process, so I'm kinda in a snag. I was told someone was going to address it, but that was months ago. I should probably pester them some more.

not like I can blame them because I also tend to procrastinate too much on too many projects.

Posted on 10-24-20 05:05 AM Link | #99739
Diddy Kong Racing with Mario characters would be epic!

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Posted on 10-27-20 07:36 PM Link | #99762
yeah, that's been my dream for a while. i don't know if I have the time and motivation to do more unfortunately!

Lemmy R4 Player
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Main - Relaxland - LeftyGreenMario makes fanart and stuff New reply

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