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09-30-20 10:23 AM

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Snarky Sceptile
Posted on 09-08-20 11:14 AM (rev. 2 of 09-08-20 09:07 PM) Link | #99463
So, here we are. I ranked all 91 galaxies from the Galaxy series and put them in a tier list to show my opinions on them. I also added a short little description to show why I put a galaxy where it is, but keep in mind I didn't write ALL the reasons because otherwise every description would be like a paragraph long.
So yeah, enjoy I guess.

F Tier - These galaxies shouldn’t even exist.
91. Battle Belt Galaxy - Boring, bland, unoriginal… I HATE this one.
90. Bubble Blast Galaxy - I like motion controls, but the bubble is just such a boring method of transport. Also this galaxy is VERY unforgiving.
89. Sling Pod Galaxy - It’s an absolute mess.
88. Bigmouth Galaxy - Really boring, and it’s very easy to cheese the star with a single wall jump.
87. Honeyclimb Galaxy - What the fuck.
86. Honeybloom Galaxy - 2d Bee Mario is surprisingly not fun.

E Tier - I’d rather not...
85. Sweet Mystery Galaxy - The Bulb Berry is lame. Also, what is that flipswitch section doing here?
84. Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet - J A N K
83. Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant - Like Gravity Gauntlet, but with less jank.
82. Gateway Galaxy - Nice try, nostalgia doesn’t work on me. It’s not a very good level.
81. Flip-Swap Galaxy - Modding has made me hate this stage and the flip-swap platforms so much.
80. Drip Drop Galaxy - Way too short, and nothing really interesting resides here.
79. Bowser Jr’s Lava Reactor - Why is King Kaliente the second-last major boss fight?
78. Grandmaster Galaxy - It looks disgusting, and don’t forget the nightmares the Perfect Run brings.
77. Bubble Breeze Galaxy - Bubble Blast’s much kinder brother. The bubble is still boring here tho.
76. Stone Cyclone Galaxy - This is an unnecessary remake. The fast paced objects do admittedly make this more fun, at least.
75. Grand Finale Galaxy - Sure, whatever.
74. Bowser’s Star Reactor - A pathetic excuse of a Bowser stage.
73. Flipswitch Galaxy - It looks bad and is short, but somehow kinda fun.

D Tier - Playable, at the very least.
72. Mario Squared Galaxy - Another unnecessary remake, but at least you have a different objective and enemies now.
71. Honeyhop Galaxy - ...I genuinely can’t think of a description for this one.
70. Rolling Green Galaxy - I love the Star ball, but this has pretty bare-bones design.
69. Boss Blitz Galaxy - Battle Belt’s better older brother.
68. Flash Black Galaxy - Kind of an awkward stage. It feels like Nintendo just threw in some random objects and called it a day. Also, it copied a Matter Splatter planet.
67. Snow Cap Galaxy - I don’t know why people think this is the worst galaxy, because it is actually kinda fun. Annoying, short, but fun.
66. Sea Slide Galaxy - Missed opportunity for a Manta Ray star. I would have preferred that over Guppy.
65. Bowser Jr’s Boom Bunker - I don’t understand why people think this boss is good. It’s pathetically easy for a World 5 boss.
64. Bowser Jr’s Fiery Flotilla - The level is practically non-existent, buuut Gobblegut is cool.
63. Yoshi Star Galaxy - I don’t really like Yoshi, and this galaxy didn’t feel like it used Yoshi to its full potential.
62. Upside Dizzy Galaxy - Surprisingly, it isn’t janky. The rhythm area at the end is fun, too.
61. Boo Moon Galaxy - I don’t know why I don’t like this one as much as I could, honestly. Maybe it’s the… atmosphere, if you know what I mean.
60. Wild Glide Galaxy- It looks good, but there isn’t much for actual gameplay.

C Tier - Pretty decent.
59. Twisty Trials Galaxy - Nice Sunshine reference you’ve got there.
58. Supermassive Galaxy - (Insert Gen 8 joke here)
57. Bowser’s Lava Lair - A better Bowser level that doesn't suck as bad! Hooray!
56. Boo’s Boneyard Galaxy - A better use of the Boo Mushroom for sure.
55. Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor - The stage feels really messy to me. The Bowser fight makes up for it though.
54. Slimy Spring Galaxy - It looks nice, and is pretty chill. Even the Chimp Star is chill.
53. Matter Splatter Galaxy - How mesmerizing!
52. Spin-Dig Galaxy - Nice puzzles, nice boss, great galaxy all-around.
51. Dreadnought Galaxy - Can’t think of a description again arrgh
50. Gold Leaf Galaxy - Even though it’s a blatant Honeyhive ripoff it’s still fun. For some reason the secret star is my favorite use of the bubble.
49. Sweet Sweet Galaxy - The first somewhat challenging star of the game. It’s enjoyable.
48. Cloudy Court Galaxy - Why is the comet a prerequisite for half the other comets? That doesn’t really apply to the galaxy but it annoys me.
47. Bowser Jr’s Robot Reactor - Almost no level, fun boss.
46. Bonefin Galaxy - LITERALLY no level, funner boss.
45. Loopdeloop Galaxy - Fun but it goes by too quickly.
44. Loopdeswoop Galaxy - Better variant of the previous galaxy.
43. Bowser’s Galaxy Generator - Overrated, but it’s cool. Very disappointing final phase though.
42. Tall Trunk Galaxy - One of the few instances where Star 2 is way better than Star 1.
41. Boulder Bowl Galaxy - Haha Rock Mario go nyoom
40. Flip-Out Galaxy - Better Flip-Swap, except it’s not really related to Flip-Swap, kinda.
39. Fleet Glide Galaxy - It’s surprisingly intense.
38. Haunty Halls Galaxy - Actually this Star 2 is also better than Star 1, cool.

B Tier - This is where it starts to get GOOD.
37. Battlerock Galaxy - It really feels like you’re infiltrating enemy territory.
36. Rightside Down Galaxy - Fun and not janky.
35. Good Egg Galaxy - Great first level. Unless you count Gateway Galaxy as the first level, in which case you’re wrong.
34. Honeyhive Galaxy - Oh look, the second level is fun too. Best honey galaxy by far.
33. Rolling Coaster Galaxy - I like the comet. Sue me.
32. Gusty Garden Galaxy - Overrated, but still fun nonetheless. Also Star 3 is my fav mission from this galaxy, don’t ask.
31. Hurry-Scurry Galaxy - I ranked this too high, didn’t I. I personally love this one, you can’t change my mind.
30. Sand Spiral Galaxy - Boo Mushroom all the way! And I can choose the Bee Mushroom if I feel like doing something different.
29. Bowser Jr’s Airship Armada - Fun level, fun boss.
28. Flipsville Galaxy - It may be jank as all hell, but it’s really fun.
27. Deep Dark Galaxy - Underrated galaxy right here. I don’t care what you say, but I love this one.
26. Melty Monster Galaxy - What the hell happened to Mission 2?! Mission 1 makes up for it tenfold, at least.
25. Shiverburn Galaxy - Freezeflame’s unsuccessful child. Prince Pikante is one of my favorite bosses in the series though, so that helps it a ton.
24. Sky Station Galaxy - The better first level with stage design, but the boss(es if you count the prickly plant for some reason) is a letdown.
23. Clockwork Ruins Galaxy - Really interesting and creative! I approve.
22. Throwback Galaxy - Nice 64 reference you’ve got there. On a side note, WHY is this in World 6, it’s too easy for World 6 standards.

A Tier - I love these so much!
21. Ghostly Galaxy - Loogie
20. Space Storm Galaxy - While Star 2 is an obvious Buoy Base ripoff, I love Buoy Base so that makes it even better for me. Both songs featured in this galaxy are among my favs.
19. Dusty Dune Galaxy - I love desert levels, but something about this one puts me off. I can’t put my finger on it.
18. Space Junk Galaxy - How peaceful, and existent gameplay too.
17. Fluffy Bluff Galaxy - Pretty great usage of the Cloud Flower, which I generally don’t like.
16. Bowser Jr’s Fearsome Fleet - Megahammer is my favorite boss in the series, and the stage uses Yoshi somewhat properly.
15. Cosmic Cove Galaxy - It may be easy, but damn those visuals are top-tier.
14. Puzzle Plank Galaxy - If the bosses didn’t exist I’d probably place this in the top 5.
13. Chompworks Galaxy - I love puzzles, and Chompworks shows the best attempt at that. Also i love the Spring Mushroom, I don’t care what you say.
12. Hightail Falls Galaxy - Now THIS is a good Yoshi level.
11. Freezy Flake Galaxy - It’s really fun to explore, and actually has gameplay attached to it.
10. Rolling Gizmo Galaxy- A solid Star Ball level, I love the Star Ball.
9. Starshine Beach Galaxy - Read the description for #11.

S Tier - YES.
8. Melty Molten Galaxy - A galaxy from 1 with actually challenging missions?!?!! Ohmygoooood (It looks nice too.)
7. Buoy Base Galaxy - A t m o s p h e r e (and music)
6. Beach Bowl Galaxy - Just look at it! So beautiful.
5. Toy Time Galaxy - Heavy Metal Mecha Bowser is the best mission in the series, plus it features the Spring Mushroom which I love.
4. Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy - It’s, well, a masterpiece!
3. Freezeflame Galaxy - It has everything an S-Tier galaxy needs, and is definitely the best galaxy from Galaxy 1.
2. Slipsand Galaxy - What can I say? I love desert levels.
1. Beat Block Galaxy - Don’t ask.

So, was it any good? I'd love to see your tier list or at least your reactions to my tier list!

Heh... how hilarious.

Posted on 09-30-20 12:27 AM Link | #99478
Battlerock should be rated higher just for the explosions imo

The soundtrack alone would've put Yoshi Star squarely in the bottom. Nothing gets me more excited than listening to some MIDI saxophones playing with a complete lack of energy to it.

Main - Gaming - The Mario Galaxy tier list thread... New reply

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