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11-27-20 02:20 PM

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Posted on 05-12-20 11:15 PM Link | #99080
Write a program to print out the graph of r=theta in 79x25 characters. The scale of the graph must be one character cell per x or y coordinate. The graph must be centered in the screen.

Your program must:
- display the correct output
- not crash
- not read the desired output from a file

Your task is to complete the challenge in as few bytes (UTF-8) as possible. The winner of the challenge will be the program with the least amount of bytes.

An example in C (186 bytes):
i,x,y;main(){char b[25][80];memset(b,32,2000);for(i=3000;i;i--){float t=i*.02;x=cos(t)*t+40.5;y=12.5-sin(t)*t;if(x>-1&&y>-1&&x<79&&y<25)b[y][x]=35;}for(;i<25;i++){b[i][79]=0;puts(b+i);}}

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Main - Relaxland - Code Golf Challenge New reply

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