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04-02-20 02:10 AM

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Posted on 03-22-20 11:16 AM Link | #98924
I'm just trying to start out editing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for fun and I ran into some problems, and this is the only active forum I know. So I hope it's not any trouble.

I was trying to edit Sky Station Galaxy and I had attempted to add some Sling Stars encased in crystals, where you'd have to break open the crystal cage to access it. I set the Item In Crystal parameter to 2 and placed a Sling Star inside, with an SW-APPEAR equal to that of the cage's SW-DEAD for each.

Each of the four crystals appeared with the model of the sling star stuck inside and the sling star was not visible, but for two of them the game crashed when I tried to break it and for the other two I could use the invisible Sling Star without having to break the crystal.

I'm aware that galaxies beside Flip swap are prone to crashing, but I don't think that's it. I don't remember sling stars ever being used in crystals in SMG2, so maybe it's just a feature from Super Mario Galaxy and the game doesn't know what to do when I interact with it.

Would anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

Posted on 03-22-20 12:20 PM Link | #98926
(This only works with Small or Medium crystals) Under obj_arg7 or item, there are numbers that say what item it is. For the sling star, that number will be 2. It’s even on the note when you select that object without you placing it. Hopefully this helps my good sir.

Posted on 03-22-20 01:32 PM Link | #98929
Thanks for the reply, but I had set all the obj_arg7s to 2. It still crashes though.

Posted on 03-22-20 01:49 PM (rev. 2 of 03-22-20 01:50 PM) Link | #98930
Did you add the sling stars inside the crystal? If so, make sure that the SW_A and SW_Dead have 10xx (these x’s mean numbers) as there number

Posted on 03-22-20 02:29 PM (rev. 2 of 03-22-20 02:52 PM) Link | #98931
I'll have to test that. Thanks for the help!

Edit: IT WORKED! Thank you so much!

Posted on 03-22-20 04:57 PM Link | #98932
Your well come

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Help with Sling Stars in Crystal Cages New reply

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