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06-04-20 10:08 AM

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Posted on 03-16-20 11:28 AM (rev. 3 of 03-17-20 10:46 AM) Link | #98895
I've made a harder version of Melty Molten Galaxy. Here is every single mission explain.

Mission 1: The Sinking Lava Spire - To start, the first two planets are the same until you reach the second launch star. Usually, this launch star will bring you to the third launch star, which brings you to HellPoolBZone. This time, you head to HellMeteoZone which then the launch star from there will bring you to the lava spire. The lava spire itself has some changes. First, the giant crystal at the end is gone, but the star is right next to the platform were the crystal used to be. Second, there's a crystal where the giant crystal used to be, but it cover up with a black hole. Lastly, this may be the shortest mission in the galaxy.

Mission 2: Through the Meteor Storm - Again, the first two planets stay the same until the second launch star. This launch star is suppose to bring you to HellMeteoZone, but this time, it bring you to HellJKillerZone. From there, the mission stays the same.

Mission 3: Fiery Dino Piranha - Only one change is made here. The pipe that brings you to HellPoolBZone now brings you to the launch star near the lava from the first mission.

Mission 4: Lava Spire Daredevil Run - This is going to be the hardest and longest mission ever. You start doing the first mission with everything the same until you land on the ground. Everything from missions 1-3 are here. The first planet has two different paths to reach the launch star while meteors fall from the sky. Everything else from that first mission is the same until the lava spire. This lava spire doesn't have the black hole from the first mission and show that crystal. This has a launch star which brings you to HellTypeCDossusPlanetZone from the second mission. Afterwards, that launch star will bring you to the launch star near the lava (Note that the entire Lava planet will be raised because it has a path once on the lava spire cutscene begin). After that launch star, you'll reach HellPoolBZone which has the layers A & C on it. Once the launch star appears after killing the fire cinders, that will bring you to the HellRotateGround2DPlanetZone, and then after the launch star appears, it will take you to HellLavaFloatingZone, which will bring you to Fiery Dino Piranha.

Mission 5: Red-Hot Purple Coins & Mission 6: Burning Tide - These mission have no changes to their mission.

Here's the ZIP file for it (Reminder, I may make edit along the way.) -
v1.0: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tcA4o8wTMZIxoW7W4bvok7lUxDUTlerY/view?usp=sharing
v1.1-Meteor's don't disappear at HellHomeZone: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fjGyOjnvYZdcQQN8BbH5kcMsYkkYNuT8

Edit 1: Note that you'll need everything in that StageData folder for it to work

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Melty Molten Galaxy (Hard) New reply

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