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08-09-20 10:56 AM

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Posted on 10-25-18 09:43 PM Link | #96254
Anyone remember the old flash games we all used to play.
Just talking about it gives me nostalgia.
Here are some of the most memorable ones for me:
Super Mario Bros. Crossover: https://bit.ly/2fLLWX3
Final Fantasy Sonic (Creators Website): https://bit.ly/2PIE0bD
Super Mario 63: https://bit.ly/2PLxHUF
Super Smash Flash 2: https://bit.ly/2PfZSy0
Super Mario Star Scramble: https://bit.ly/2Ct0Lg1
Unfair Mario: https://bit.ly/2CysBHQ
Mario Combat: https://bit.ly/2ynQ8rZ
Mario Lost in Space: https://bit.ly/2CW0mnj
A Koopa's Revenge: https://bit.ly/2CwgjQ0
Sorry, I just really love Flash Games as I grew up with them. :D

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Posted on 10-26-18 04:11 PM Link | #96263
I didn't play many flash games growing up, but I occasionally pick a few up and play them but I really prefer downloadable games if anything. I don't have much memory of these tbh

I'll do something here one day I guess

Posted on 10-27-18 03:04 PM Link | #96271
Super Mario 63 was the shit back then. I still play it, it wad that good.

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Posted on 12-23-18 02:37 PM Link | #96877
Posted by JakoNintenCraft
Super Mario 63 was the shit back then. I still play it, it wad that good.


Anyways back in the day, Deep Freeze from miniclip was my shit, one of my friends holds the world record for it and it's the perfect Christmas game

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Posted on 12-23-18 03:37 PM Link | #96878

I still have Super Mario 63
That was the only game I played during I think 2014 :P

I remember enjoying the Level editor the most XD

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Posted on 12-25-18 02:17 PM Link | #96902
I still remember the Wolverine flash games I used to play more than 5 years ago at least. And a Bejeweled flash clone I got working on the Macromedia Flash my "hacked" GPS monitor's Windows CE was able to run.

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Posted on 07-12-19 03:47 AM Link | #97925
I use to play flash games alot.

my favorite ones is
the mario one with gun and I shoot those enemies.

I also love the mario flash game.

Posted on 08-01-19 03:24 PM (rev. 2 of 08-01-19 03:25 PM) Link | #97969
I used to played majority of flash games before, Super Mario Bros. Crossover was one of my favorites alongside Super Mario 63 and Super Smash Flash 2, I also like Super Mario Flash 1 & 2.

Posted on 08-09-19 03:02 PM Link | #97996
Super Mario 63 is the best flash game I played, but back when I was a lot younger I'd play this game called "Deep Freeze" and that stuff was the beans. One day I'll make my way onto the speedrun leaderboards


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(post deleted) #98736

Posted on 03-02-20 12:48 AM Link | #98763
Super Mario 63 by far is the best flash game that I played ever.

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Posted on 03-04-20 01:10 AM Link | #98800
My favorites were as follows:
Ice Breaker - Miniclip
All of the Ruble Trouble games - Miniclip
Super Mario Crossover - Exploding Rabbit
Truck Launch Maniac - Most Fun Games

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Posted on 03-16-20 07:56 AM Link | #98894
I've played the unofficial Super Mario Flash 3, I enjoyed it a lot, then I actually realized that this game was merely a heavy-massive-edit of Super Mario Flash 2's flash game, besides this flash game expanded most of the interesting features in the Level Editor section.

I'll simply just say that Super Mario Flash 3 was also one my favorite flash games, I still play some of my favorite flash games like Super Mario 63, Super Mario Crossover and so on.

Main - Gaming - What are your favorite flash games? New reply

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