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04-02-20 02:02 AM

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Main - NSMB2 hacking - Citra + coinkiller New reply

Posted on 03-07-20 09:49 AM (rev. 3 of 03-08-20 07:41 AM) Link | #98829
How do i play my custom levels from CoinKiller in Citra? I can't find any tutorials.
edit: i figured it out
edit 2 to explain what i did: in Citra install the cia file of the game you want (File -> install cia).
When done open the game to see if it works. To add custom levels right click the game and click on 'Open Mods Location' in that file paste the romfs file that you are editing in CoinKiller. If you wanna edit something in the level, just edit it in CoinKiller and restart the level not the game.

Posted on 03-07-20 05:28 PM Link | #98849
If you figured something out, it's best to document what you did to have something work. I've had to search for similar problems that people had because I had the problem, and they then said, "oh nvmnd, I figured it out" and it wasn't helpful at all. This is just in case anyone stumbles on this thread.

Main - NSMB2 hacking - Citra + coinkiller New reply

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