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03-29-20 05:42 AM

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Posted on 02-17-20 09:52 AM (rev. 2 of 03-16-20 12:39 PM) Link | #98503
So I’ve had this idea for over 2-3 years for a Super Mario Galaxy 2 hack called...

Super Mario Galaxy: Retro Edition


Bowser made a machine that messed up a lot of galaxies through both games. It’s up to Mario to stop and defeat Bowser before more galaxies get messed up.


This will include two worlds with World One being “World Bowser Jr.,” and World 2 “World Bowser.” Each World has up to 11 galaxies mashup of ether SMG and SMG2 or SMG and SMG or SMG2 and SMG2 with a brand new galaxy and a Hungry Luma.

What Are The Galaxies and their stars?
“World Bowser Jr.:”
Gateway Galaxy 2-Rehash of the original Gateway Galaxy with changes, Stars: 2
Good Egg Station Galaxy-Mashup of Good Egg and Sky Station, Stars: 3
Rightside-Upside Down Dizzy Galaxy-Mashup of Rightside Down and Upside Dizzy with a “fun” second Mission, Stars: 3
Honey-Leaf Bloom-Hop Galaxy-Mashup of Honeyhive, Gold Leaf, Honeybloom and Honeyhop, Stars: 3
BattleNought Galaxy-Mashup of Battlerock and Dreadnought, Stars: 3
Starshine-Bowl Galaxy-Mashup of Starshine Beach and Beach Bowl, Stars: 3
New: Rainbow Road Galaxy-All of the Rainbow Roads from Super Mario Kart to Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe), Stars: 3
Hungry Luma Galaxy-Mashup of all the Hungry Luma’s galaxies from SMG in the observatory, Stars: 2
Buoy-Storm Galaxy-Mashup of Buoy Base and Space Storm, Stars: 3
Hungry Luma-1000 Star-Bits: Chain-Link Galaxy-Toy Time’s Hungry Luma planet, Stars: 2
Boss: Bowser Jr’s Robot Machine-Mashup of Bowser Jr’s Robot Reactor, Bowser Jr’s Airship Armada, Bowser Jr’s Fearsome Fleet, and Bowser Jr’s Boom Bunker, Stars: 2

“World Bowser”
Gusty Fluff Galaxy-Mashup of Gusty Garden and Fluffy Bluff, Stars: 3
Toy Massive-Time Galaxy-Mashup of Toy Time and Supermassive with Mario Squared as well, Stars: 3
Freeze-Burn Galaxy-Mashup of Freezeflame and Shiverburn, Stars: 3
Haunty-Ghost Galaxy-Mashup of Haunty Halls and Ghosty, Stars: 3
Melty Molten Monster Galaxy-Mashup of Melty Molten and Melty Monster, Stars: 3
New: Luigi’s Mansion Galaxy-Both Luigi’s Mansions from Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s GCN Luigi Mansion battle course with some parts of Ghostly Galaxy thrown in as well, Stars: 3
Beat-Black Galaxy-Mashup of Beat Block and Flash Black, Stars: 2
Boss Blitz Galaxy 2-Boss Blitz of SMG2 bosses, Stars: 2
Flip-Swap-Switch-Out-Scurry Galaxy-Mashup of Flipswitch, Flip-Swap, Flip-Out and Hurry Scurry, Stars: 2
Hungry Luma-2000 Star-Bits: Sea-Slide Star Galaxy-Mashup of Sea Slide and Yoshi Star, Stars: 2
Bowser’s Galaxy Expansion Reactor GeneratorMashup of Bowser’s Star Reactor, Bowser’s Dark Matter Plant, Bowser’s Galaxy Reactor, Bowser’s Lava Reactor, Bowser’s Gravity Gauntlet, and Bowser’s Galaxy Generator, Stars: 2
Hidden Green Star Trails Galaxy-Mashup of Rolling Gizmo, Bubble Blast, Loopdeeloop and Deep Dark and a few extra planets thrown in as well in the Daredevil Run, Stars: 3

Speedy, Daredevil, Cosmic Comet?, Fast Foe?/Double Time, Cosmic Clones, and Purple Coins

Doc: This is the doc I made

Used this doc instead

Posted on 02-17-20 11:48 PM Link | #98508
fyi you put stuff in google docs, but access is denied on my end.

Anyhow you're not really going to have much luck getting this idea to be anything beyond that, an idea. The forum isn't really active, Super Mario Galaxy modding just doesn't involve enough interest, and I don't think your idea is all that interesting to pull off frankly, especially with the amount of effort required to get it one.

Posted on 02-18-20 06:33 AM Link | #98515
Well, if this gets created, we can scrap some galaxies from the list because apparently, each World has a max of 7 galaxies and trying to fit all those galaxies between two worlds can be difficult.

P.S: here’s the new link to the doc

Posted on 02-18-20 06:41 PM Link | #98522
Nobody hate on me for this but I like this idea! I mean seeing the SMG1 bosses return in SMG2 was cool and same goes for Stone Cyclone's familiar planet. This hack also has a plot which a lot of hacks don't really have. I wish you luck with this project my good friend.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Super Mario Galaxy: Retro Edition (SMG2 Hack) New reply

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