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02-19-20 08:17 PM

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Cruis'n USA (N64) help to finally find the GIB routine New reply

Posted on 08-25-19 05:10 PM (rev. 4 of 08-25-19 05:23 PM) Link | #98033
Hi, I'm CruisnEma, a newbie here to ask help, someone told me that here there is an admin very able with the N64 hacking.

Will be hard being brief to show what I wish.

The GIB routine to hit and make explode 2 different animals was in the arcade version, censored in the N64 port 2 months before the release.

In the arcade you can turn off the controverted function and become exactly like the N64 port, without random animals in the street, that are always in different positions.

A friend found for me on my suggest the (currently) unused collision type that is exactly the GIB routine collision, that make disappearing the stricken object, make explode some pieces and stop the car spinning around very fast like the arcade, but need of be forced trough gameshark codes to hit something else and with an antifreeze aggiuntive code, because seems that try to check which object are you hitting and if isn't a cow or a deer (and I don't know which are their hex numbers) make the game freezes 'cause have to determine which 3D models load when you hit them, if a cow or a deer and then there is a code that prevent the freeze skipping the check, but loading invisible 3D models from the 0x00000 memory position.

I think that the game need of hit one of the 2 animals with their hex ID to load the right 3D models. And to do this is necessary find a way to turn on the same arcade routine that place them on the street.

The graphic could be broken, but could be the beginning to finally finish this hack.

Unfortunately I don't have the skills to do it myself, for this I ask help.

I could suggest to try to verify if there is a debug menu where could be present the RoadKill (gib routine) or in alternative try if when the Indiana track is chosen the game check if a flag is turned on, to verify what could load. If I'm right could load an animal on the street in random track segments with the right ID that could also explode in the right 3D models, without freeze.

Currently I have these gameshark codes for Cruis'n USA V 1.0 (U) to hit everything and force the RoadKill collision:

81040D08 0000
81040D0A 0000

And these 4 codes prevent the freeze blocking the check:
81041A20 0000
81041A22 0000
81041A2C 0000
81041A2E 0000

But load only invisible 3D models from the 0x00000 memory address.

Instead to see something effective go in Iowa track, disable the racers and traffic from the options menu and when you see the first toolboth insert these codes, always for the 1.0 (U) version:

801FA36B 00F0
81045418 8015
8104541A 8FC4
81045428 8015
8104542A 8D5C
81045438 8015
8104543A 8E58
81045448 8015
8104544A 8DCC
81041A20 0000
81041A22 0000
81041A2C 0000
81041A2E 0000

This will replace the first road sign in the center with a GIB collision that will explode in other 3D models, to verify exactly what happens, this:


To see how the gameshark codes work try in IOWA, but to verify if the proper routine that places them randomly in the tracks exists will be better choose INDIANA track, 'cause I'm not sure that the deer graphic exists, but for the cow should be, 'cause the same sprite appears also in the ending.

Could you help please?

Then to be more specific my idea will be try to find the same arcade routine that places them randomly in the street in the IOWA and INDIANA, verifying if there is a hidden option menu option to turn on it or in debug menu or if the INDIANA and IOWA when loading check a flag to make something, or if they have something unused, that could be the routine.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Cruis'n USA (N64) help to finally find the GIB routine New reply

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