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10-20-19 10:24 AM

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Posted on 07-11-19 01:09 PM (rev. 2 of 07-11-19 01:14 PM) Link | #97922
might as well post this here in case someone happens to be interested :P

I've been working on an application that allows you to play sm64ds online with people (kinda like Net64), and it's somewhat functional.

the reveal trailer:

a video with actual online gameplay:

It works in a peer-to-peer fashion, and the communication happens over UDP on IPv6. Using IPv6 makes it a bit easier for people to host a game from their computer, but since some ISPs still don't support that i'm gonna make it compatible with IPv4 too.

Also, a lot of the games code seems to be written for 4 players, so it's gonna take some work to get it work with more than that.

Feel free to ask me something

Posted on 07-11-19 08:11 PM Link | #97923
DUDE that is AWESOME! This page hasn't seen anything new in forever so what a way to bring it back! I can't wait to see where this goes!

Posted on 07-12-19 07:51 PM Link | #97928
i'm guessing it doesn't work on actual DS hardware?

either way that is pretty dang cool. i'll have to stay updated on this

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 07-13-19 12:20 PM Link | #97929
it doesn't work on real hardware at the moment since the DS wifi isn't exactly easy to work with, but i might look into it once the first PC version is released

Posted on 07-28-19 04:26 PM Link | #97962
is this the best hack i'v ever seen

Posted on 08-08-19 10:23 AM Link | #97993
when the output of this mod, it looks so great

Posted on 08-10-19 07:50 AM Link | #98000
the release date? it's either later this year or sometime in 2020

Posted on 09-08-19 06:24 AM Link | #98117
Also, a lot of the games code seems to be written for 4 players

Could you go into more detail on this? Seems interesting.

Posted on 09-08-19 06:54 AM Link | #98118

Posted on 09-08-19 08:59 AM Link | #98120
Posted by Hiccup
Could you go into more detail on this? Seems interesting.

It might have been a bit misleading to say that a lot of the games code is written for 4 players, but all the player related arrays seem to have 4 elements in them. There's an array of 4 input structures and an array of 4 health meters, for example. Each player has a player id which is used as an index to those arrays, and consequently it's expected to be from 0 to 3.

Main - SM64DS hacks - SM64DS Online New reply

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