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02-18-20 04:33 PM

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Posted on 05-16-19 07:23 PM Link | #97710
Welcome one and all to this thread. Wondering what Super Mario Galaxy Plus is? Wondering what is going to be in it? Want to help out or even spearhead the project yourself? This thread will answer all of that and more. Just know this is tentative and may not even happen. To keep this organized and easily readable, I will divide this into sections. If you need to quickly find something, use ctrl+f or related command to activate find.

What is Super Mario Galaxy Plus? Are you doing to Super Mario Galaxy what Microsoft did to Windows 8 (It was Windows 8.1)?

In simpler terms, yes I am. This will feature the same graphics and what not as Galaxy 1. All the galaxy's present will be unchanged as well as their stars, however, some new galaxies will be added into all six domes, and if it's possible, a 7th dome featuring really hard galaxies will be added in, but that depends on how much is known about the domes and if making an entirely new one is possible. Also added into the mix will be a few new comets alongside the existing ones.

What galaxies will be added?

I am aiming at for two new galaxies per dome, plus four new ones for the 7th dome if that is possible. The galaxies difficulties will be tied to the dome with the 7th dome being extra hard.

You mentioned two new comets. What are these going to be?

This, along with the 7th observatory are going to be iffy since I'm not sure if both are known how to be implemented, but if they can be, expect two new comets to be added. The first will be Enemy Madness. In that, you get taken to a course and have to kill all the enemies on the course. Appropriate items will be added to aid in the killing of enemies not killable bu normal means (such as a simple jump or ground pound). This would get added to existing galaxies where feasible. The next comet would be called Starbit run. In it, you must collect every single starbit in the galaxy. This includes the starbits laying around, the ones from the ? mark blocks, and the ones from enemies. The starbits that shoot from the sky would be disabled when played in this mode. This can be compared to the purple coin comet, and will get added to galaxy's where feasible. The Enemy madness and Starbit run will have timers added on certain galaxies (where feasible), while some galaxies will feature no timers (like the purple coin comets).

Will the new galaxies get the existing comets in addition to the new ones?

Yes they will. What galaxy gets what is very much undecided.

Will the hungry luma's and green star galaxies get comets? Will some existing galaxies get some comets added in?

I haven't thought that far yet, but they probably will. Here's a tentative list of what could get comets.

Loopdeloop galaxy: Ray surfing for purple coins. In this, you'd hop on Ray and surf around the track for 100 purple coins. Don't fret if you miss any as you can go around as many times as needed until you get them all. Once all are gotten, you are taken off Ray and the coach gives you a power star.

Loopdeswoop galaxy: Purple coin extravaganza. Here, you'd hop on Ray and collect 100 purple coins, however, there is a catch. You must collect all 100 on your first try, otherwise you must start over. Once all are accounted for, you are taken off Ray and the coach gives you a power star.

Rolling Gizmo Galaxy: Rolling cosmic Mario race. In this one, you hop on the ball, and roll a bit. Doing so will activate a cosmic Mario race, however, this time he is on a ball as well. He can't knock you off with his ball, but running into him will produce the same effect as if you were doing the walking variation. Get your ball to the flag pole before he does to get the star out of it. This one may not happen. We'll see.

Rolling Gizmo Galaxy: Rolling Gizmo speed run. Get the ball to the end within the time limit.

Gizmidrome Galaxy (I think that's the green luma variation's name): Cosmic Mario strikes back. Same as above really. Get your ball to the flag pole before he does to win. This may not happen either.

Gizmidrome Galaxy: Same as the Rolling Gizmo speed run.

Sling pod galaxy: Purple coins in the air. Use the sling pods to collect all the purple coins to activate the power star.

Sling pod galaxy: Starbit hoarder: Collect every single starbit present in the level. Doing so will activate the power star.

Sweet Sweet Galaxy: 100 purple cookies. Collect 100 purple coins to get the star.

Snow cap galaxy: Snow bunnies in the snow daredevil run. This is the same as the existing star, except, you only have 1 life and there are enemies to make it more complicated.

Buoy Base Galaxy: Underwater coins. In this comet, you must dive underwater and command the torpedo ted to break all 10 cages to free the purple coins. Each cage contains 10 purples each.

Honeyclimb galaxy: Beehive daredevil run. Fly to the star, but you only have 1 life.

Honeyclimb galaxy: Beehive speed run. Fly to the star within the time limit.

Honeyclimb galaxy: Floating coins. Fly and collect all 100 purple coins to make a star appear.

Sand Spiral galaxy: Choosing a favorite snack speed run. Get to the star within the time limit.

Sand Spiral galaxy: Purple coin feast. Using either the bee suit or the boo suit, collect all 100 purple coins. Doing so awards the star.

That list is tentative, and you are allowed to provide feedback on it. I don't want a galaxy's comet to be impossible to beat.

Do you have a name for the new galaxies?

I do not. For more info on the new galaxies, continue on.

Do you have any rough sketches of the new galaxies designs?

This is where you, the user comes in. I have absolutely no experience in Autodesk 3D studio, Bender, Sketchup, etc, and even if I did, I couldn't make a galaxy that is in the vain of the existing ones to begin with. What you would do is, using your artistic skills and any freetime you might have, you'd create galaxy models and then send them to me. Anyone can send as many as they like, however, only 17 will only be used after I decide on which 17 are the best. 12 will be used for the main domes, 13-16 would be used for the new dome (if possible), and 17 would be used for the hungry luma outside of this new dome. That luma would cost 2,000 starbits to unlock its galaxy. Make sure your models are good, and of course, you'd be credited. Any and every outside contribution will get credited.

This sounds like a BIG project. Are you seriously going to go through with this?

All of what is listed here is tentative, meaning this might not even happen at all. I am completely new to Super Mario Galaxy hacking so tutorials on that would be appreciated. Just because these are my ideas doesn't mean you can't try to implement these yourself. Just make sure to credit me if you decide to take this massive project on.

Posted on 05-16-19 08:17 PM Link | #97711
so all you have are ideas, you have no prior experience hacking this game, and you want people to assist you because you can't do designing well?

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Posted on 05-16-19 11:31 PM Link | #97714
Why do you expect other people to do most of your work for you? And if it sounds tentative to you and you don't think it could happen at all, then why did you post it.

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Posted on 05-16-19 11:48 PM Link | #97715
Posted by Eureka
Why do you expect other people to do most of your work for you? And if it sounds tentative to you and you don't think it could happen at all, then why did you post it.

I just wanted to let my ideas out, and hope it encourages someone looking to hack Super Mario Galaxy to really research the game and open up new hacking methods in the process. Trust me, I am going to research super mario galaxy hacking. I have an ISO that I am gonna extract so I can view its contents. I would really love for my ideas to become a reality, however, I don't know how hard it would be, even for experienced smg hackers, to add in some of my listed ideas. I'm sure if I search the ISO hard enough, all of it may become clear. I know the scene isn't big, but if this can come to fruition, it may inspire others to take up hacking this game and letting their ideas be seen to the public. Can't be much different than a custom mario kart track (I think those use the same file structure since both are 3D based) Also, does anyone have any good starting points for smg hacking?

Posted on 05-17-19 04:47 AM Link | #97716
Be my guest.


Posted on 05-17-19 10:02 AM Link | #97717
Sad to say at this point in time most of this stuff isn't even known to be possible. We don't even know how add custom text (which without, new missions and things crash), let alone brand new galaxies into the first game. Once the text issue is solved than maybe something like this could be more doable.

Posted on 05-17-19 05:15 PM Link | #97721
Posted by Moline
Trust me, I am going to research super mario galaxy hacking.

so, first. having ideas leads nowhere if you don't think them up while respecting two major terms:

one, it's doable. noone will join something that isn't even possible, so you have to adjust to thinking within the boundaries of the possible before to dice out any ideas.
in other words, learn first, experiment what you can do, and only then proceed.

two, it's something people would want. extra galaxies added to the game, requiring a completely altered save data? with "harder extra challenge levels" the game already has?
you'd have to replay all the levels, annoying challenges and everything just to access those new levels. honestly, fuck that.

you'd be better off recreating the current levels.
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Posted on 05-18-19 12:12 PM Link | #97722
You will have better to do. Trust me.
But hey, like we say "keep on your dreams!"

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Posted on 05-20-19 03:51 PM (rev. 4 of 11-06-19 02:45 PM) Link | #97731
If you want, I can give you a Minecraft map of the Rosalinas Commet Observatory if you want to make a sketch on the 7th dome.
You should run it with Minecraft 1.6.2.
Question : How will looks like the beacon if the 7th dome exists ?
(it's about the size and the color).

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