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11-27-20 03:04 PM

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Posted on 03-04-19 10:21 PM Link | #97329
Hey, another thing I didn't know if anyone was interested in, but I'm working on polishing my KCL editor for Mario Kart DS. It currently has features such as KCL exporting, editing, and merging.

In here, each material in the OBJ is listed, along with a checkbox, which toggles if it gets exported. To the far right is its collision value. On the bottom, there is scale, which can enlarge or shrink the OBJ. Below that is the max tris per octree, which adjusts the maximum number of triangles that will be in each octree. Below that, are load and save settings, which currently are not implemented yet.

This is what the main editor window looks like. In the middle is a preview of the KCL. On the bottom is a statusbar which shows the collision value of the currently hovered/selected face.

This is the options window, where you can change things triangle outline, fill, axes... The default tris per octree is used when changes are made to the vertex data and it needs to be regenerated.

In the replace window, you can replace all faces of a certain collision value with another collision value.
You can also change the value of an individual face by selecting it, and going to edit -> Change Value, or by right-clicking on it.

The individual points of a selected face can also be edited, like in the above picture. Each row is its own point, with X Y and Z values in order.
This probably won't help a whole lot of people, but it may come in handy in some really obscure situations. The link is in the footer.

Hey, why not check out my website while you're here?
garhoogin.com - I put stuff I make here.

Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Windows KCL Viewer/editor New reply

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