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04-19-19 12:33 PM

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Posted on 10-22-18 08:34 PM (rev. 2 of 11-08-18 04:31 PM) Link | #96244
Info: Spooky Super Mario Bros Wii is a Fan made hack of New Super Mario Bros Wii released by Nintendo in 2009. Newer Super Mario Bros Wii and most of their assets are owned by the Newer Team (2013). Toad and Toadette Player Mods ported by StupidMarioBros1Fan. Hope you all enjoy this!

My second of soon to be many NSMBW hacks I plan on creating!


-8 New challenging levels spread across 2 worlds
-New music tracks in almost all of the levels
-Playable Toad and Toadette Replacing Blue and Yellow Toad
-Brand new world map

A project made in the span of 3+ weeks that aims to make an atmospheric hack experience with intense difficulty in each level.

Team Members
GoronGuy123: Level Designer, Tileset Editor, Model Recolorer, Title Screen Maker, Project Manager and Founder, Music Choices
Iggy3434: Map Designer

Big thanks also to customlevelfan78, WarioTails358, Danster, Zementblock, and Nintendo. I'd also like to thank my other friends and helpers who made this hack possible. These guys are awesome!

Levels: 100%
Tilesets: 100%
Logo: 100%
Layouts: 66%
Map: 17%
Music: 100%
Messages: 40%
Backgrounds: 100%
Level Previews: 20%
Recolored Sprites: 100%
Overall Progress: 67.34%


Will be worked on

Hope you all enjoy my mod! All criticisms are welcome.
When it releases please report any bugs you find, I will try my best to fix them. See ya!

Download: Currently unavailable


I'll do something here one day I guess

Posted on 10-25-18 06:20 AM Link | #96250
Woah this actually looks pretty good! Keep up the good work!

The second screenshot however looks a little bland, try and spice it up a little :p

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Posted on 10-26-18 04:03 PM Link | #96260
I actually killed a bunch of enemies and collected a bunch of coins when I screenshotted this because i didn't want the screenshot to look poor :P

The room has more stuff than it seems but I don't really show that sadly

I'll do something here one day I guess

Posted on 11-08-18 04:31 PM Link | #96348
Any mods/admins or StapleButter can feel free to lock this post because this project is cancelled. This type of concept for a NSMBW hack is not original and has been done by creators far better than me. I don't even know why I kept working on the project, let alone post a thread about it on a non NSMBW hacking forum. And any future projects such as the unannounced Castle SMBW and MiniMega SMBW are also cancelled, except for Cliff SMBW the Continuation. There won't be a thread for a while but it will be a sequel to the only project I have released Cliff SMBW. This is a very important project for me hence, why I'm not cancelling it. However, I have a much bigger and better project currently in the works that I am hoping you guys will enjoy. I'm not gonna say anything about it until the hack is further in development and when Cliff the Continuation is done however but I hope you guys will like it. I also might consider when both projects are done that I might go back to Castle and MiniMega SMBW but eh, I'm not sure. I also have the title of the project in the works as well so feel free to dm me here or on Discord if you wanna suggest names as I explain a brief idea of what the hack will be like.

In summary, 3 of my projects are cancelled, and I have 1, world one hack, and a 8 world hack in planning stages. Hope you all understand.

I'll do something here one day I guess

Posted on 11-08-18 11:07 PM Link | #96350
Every time.

Posted on 11-08-18 11:50 PM Link | #96351

Posted on 11-09-18 06:23 AM (rev. 2 of 11-09-18 06:23 AM) Link | #96352
Not only cancelled, but CANCELLED in caps and bold.

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Posted on 11-09-18 10:20 AM (rev. 2 of 11-09-18 10:20 AM) Link | #96355

Posted by Cono

cono, they made another post literally two posts above yours explaining why it was cancelled. please read.

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 11-20-18 12:24 PM Link | #96434
You should contact StapleButter via MP if you want that this topic are lock.

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Main - Misc. ROM hacking - Spooky Super Mario Bros Wii [CANCELLED] [NSMBW] New reply

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