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04-21-19 12:33 AM

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Posted on 12-17-16 04:47 PM Link | #80392
10 years ago, the Smartphone market was pretty much only Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry.
Once the iPhone came out, we've got lots of different OSs popping up, including the already established ones, as well as Android, iOS, MeeGo, LiMo, etc.

10 years later, we've got 6 mobile OSs to choose from.
However, they all suck, honestly.

First we have iOS, an OS from Apple.
It's based off macOS, it's limited as fuck, the FBI already attempted to get backdoors into it, and surprise! Now it has, sort of!

Then we have Android, an OS from Google.
It's based off Linux, it's very open, but you know how Google is, right?
Privacy violations at every possible occasions, half working and untested code, and Material Design is just sickening, yet they try to push it as hard as possible.

Then we have Windows 10, an OS from Microsoft.
It's based off Windows NT, and it's pretty much like Android, but worse.
In addition to all the negativity from Android, Windows 10 is quite limited, it's filled with backdoors, and no developer even gives a shit about it.
Also, lots of Apps are not native, thanks to the fact you need to use Visual Studio 2015, which literally is so heavy, it even installs itself on multiple partitions, if your HDD or SSD is almost full.

Then we have Ubuntu Touch, an OS from Canonical.
It's based off Ubuntu, and while it's not that bad in terms of features and privacy, Ubuntu is still known for having lots of bloat and scriptkiddie software.
Plus, most Apps are made with HTML5, so no native code runs on it.
Plus, you might guess how every App looks like, rating the current web trends, right...?

Then we have Tizen and Sailfish, both are based off Linux, but I never really had a chance to try them out, so I won't criticise them for now.

There's also Plasma Mobile, which is basically Kubuntu (KDE) for phones.
I was mostly positive about that one, but the project doesn't seem to move since its announcement 2 years ago.


So, why can't mobile OSs be like desktop OSs?

I mean, on the desktop, if you dislike Windows and macOS, there are still thousands of Linux distributions out there, and there is one for everyone.
If you want to get even further, then OSs like *BSD, *DOS (yes, especially FreeDOS is still a thing today!), ReactOS, BeOS, Mike OS, etc. exist, adding even more options.

Posted on 12-17-16 04:55 PM Link | #80393
You bring up some good points.
All of the Mobile OSes, are boring, and aren't really too useful either, to say that least.

I just want a Mobile OS based off something like Linux Mint.

Sadly it seems like it'll be a long time before something like that will happen, though.
But when it does, the wait will be worth it, I suppose.

It even sadder how 3 of the options are from the big companies, so it's really half, and half.

I want a Mobile OS that can do a lot of the same things, I can do on a Desktop, without any of the bullshit.

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Posted on 10-04-18 03:36 PM Link | #96105
Well, the Phones are targeted towards the normal people, they want it easy and understandable, its useful enough for them. I personaly have no issue with Googles services so i stay on android, but u can check out LineageOS, its a android based OS as i know, never tried it but seen it so maybe a light on the end of the tunnel. But yeah, thats why so many people argue rather android or iOS is good


Posted on 10-05-18 12:09 PM Link | #96116
i thought that since i wasn't completely happy with iphones, an android would suit me better. i couldn't have been any more wrong.

yeah, it's great since it's a little like having a more traditional desktop computer in your pocket (with the file system and all), and cool, i get to test the mobile version of my game a bit easier, but other than that... it kinda sucks. (i'm being nice when saying it "kinda sucks")

iphones themselves aren't that great, but ipads have a much better interface. everything is insanely clean and simple to use, and i rarely have any issues with bugs in the core OS. apparently the iphone x is more like the ipad OS, so if i ever wanna get an iphone again and i happen to have enough money to buy 16 copies of smash ultimate and a cheap wrist watch, i'll probably get the iphone x.

can't say too much about any other OS. i honestly had no idea half of the ones the OP listed existed. i just knew there were androids, iphones, and then jerry has a windows phone.

the downside with iOS is that 1) i can't download a bunch of random file shito to my phone anymore... or wait, does the files app do that? i have no idea, i'm just gonna keep going. 2) it likes to take any images i have and shove them through this compressor i never asked for.

"hey, remember that .png you had? well, we were kind enough to turn it into a .jpeg for you!"

i had to run it through like 4 apps just to get it to have a transparent background. and 3), what the hell is an icloud? and why are all my images going there? i never asked for this!

"oh, also, we got that .jpeg and made it inaccessible unless you're connected to wifi or data! good luck turning it off, though, because not even we know how that works!"

i'm pretty torn on what's better, but if there was some phone with the interface and easibility of the iphone with the freedom (and price) you get from an android, then sign me up.

oh, yeah, and as for google privacy shito, i've never had an issue with that. i'm sure there's already multiple threads about people waving fingers at google for taking information or whatever, but i signed up for a google account and said "yes, take my browsing data~" and it's made things better for me. so ye. not upset about that with the android.

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 10-15-18 10:10 AM (rev. 2 of 10-15-18 10:10 AM) Link | #96173
Open source will NEVER have as polished a UX as closed source: honestly, it might be more customisable and bells/whistles but the fact is, the ordinary user who isn't at least somewhat a tech geek would find them harder to use. Many developers don't seem to put much effort into their UXes as I'd like...

The same goes for documentation too

Posted on 10-15-18 10:18 AM Link | #96175
simply put: mobile devices are mostly consumer toys meant to suck money out of your pocket.

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Posted on 10-17-18 01:59 PM Link | #96182
Ijah's Post
I think LineageOS is as good as it gets for Android phones really, at least it's not packed with bloatware and has much less RAM usage, but sadly you lose most of the things that made the phone you bought actually worth it, Camera suffers due to proprietary drivers that require stock shit (Treeki had a feild day getting Samsung camera to barely run on LineageOS).

And the audio suffers too, so really I agree, phones have a long way to go before the power user gets any love.

Oh well...

Main - Computers and technology - Why can't we have a good mobile OS? New reply

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