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05-25-19 04:04 AM

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Posted on 08-25-18 11:00 PM (rev. 8 of 09-16-18 02:31 PM) Link | #95722
Super Mario 64 DS 2: a New Adventure is an upcoming ROM hack of the original Super Mario 64 DS.
This hack won't contain any custom levels, it will however remove every star from sm64ds and add new ones.

Current progress:
Check this spreadsheet out for up-to-date progress!

Here are some tidbits about sm64ds2:
-Custom cutscenes for most levels (only works on emulators)
-Mario has the Hover Nozzle
-Luigi has the Rocket Nozzle
-Wario has the Turbo Nozzle
-Everyone can wear Feathers
-? Blocks can now contain Mega Mushrooms
-140 NEW Power Stars
-100 Coin Stars are removed

Here is the cutscene of Bob-omb Battlefield:

Get a 8 star demo here
The demo contains the Goomboss battle (to unlock Mario), the ? Switch stage (1 star) and Bob-omb Battlefield (7 stars).
Patch with an unmodified european ROM of sm64ds.

Credits to:
Fiachra: FLUDD code and model
StarPants & Gota7: ASM code

Posted on 08-26-18 12:38 AM Link | #95727
This looks decent. Anything you can do to improve the sound effects? Also, are there examples of new things you can do with those items rather than navigate places a little better?

Posted on 08-26-18 04:22 PM Link | #95738
Thanks, I don't know if I can improve the sound effects (never tried).
The FLUDD Nozzles will be used for most of the Switch Stars, and to make platforming easier.
Mega Mushrooms (which were in the original) will be found in places where you can destroy stuff (sometimes even for Power Stars).

flavius guy(not a hacker)
Posted on 09-01-18 11:04 PM Link | #95776
I got the idea of a star on ssl,in which you must go to the top of the pyramid(inside) while insta-kill quicksand is rising

Posted on 09-16-18 02:32 PM Link | #95936
Added a spreadsheet with up-to-date progress of this hack

Posted on 10-03-18 10:10 PM Link | #96094
What do you mean cutscenes only work on emulators? All the cutscenes I made work on real hardware flawlessly.

Join the SM64DS Hacking Discord: https://discord.gg/PhpA9Wt

Posted on 11-02-18 07:09 PM Link | #96307
I have a new cutscene to show!
This time it's Jolly Roger Bay:

Posted on 11-02-18 08:29 PM Link | #96308
The cutscenes are kinda like the ones displaying the level in Super Mario Galaxy!


New Super Mario Bros. U DS

Main - SM64DS hacks - Super Mario 64 DS 2: a New Adventure New reply

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