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03-09-21 02:15 AM

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Main - Glass trash - Kuribo64 Mosts 2018 - Results Thread closed

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Posted on 09-10-18 01:41 PM Link | #95880
I'd like to point out RHCafé doesn't have any bonus long-standing popularity.
people don't care much about the NSMB games the board focuses on, wich is no surprise at this point considering the decline.

general forums over there are mostly a second kuribo64 that gets little interest. on that note, shibboleet is more focused on real life.
it's not any more active than it needs to be.

Baby Luigi
Posted on 09-10-18 04:34 PM Link | #95881
Hi i'm here and I'm surprised to see myself voted in despite my lack of activity.

Posted on 09-10-18 07:46 PM Link | #95896
Well, at least I was missed...

Posted on 09-12-18 03:07 AM Link | #95901
StapleButter, salty
Swingball, JasonTGF, MK7tester, Skek, NightYoshi370

I know the votes aren't supposed to be taken seriously, but dang. I never expected my name to get put up as lazy.

Then again, I barely left the house in the summer outside of Summer School and that camp I ran, so it is kind of true. Maybe next summer I won't be as lazy :P

Posted on 09-14-18 08:55 PM (rev. 3 of 09-14-18 08:58 PM) Link | #95930
1st for Happiest and Most Relaxed, and 2nd for best potential leader. Thanks guys c:
I'm surprised I been made it on seeing how inactive I've been 👀

Posted on 09-16-18 07:45 PM Link | #95937
I got 2nd on happiest, wew

Here's my MvL Hacking thread
Also, if you hack NSMB DS, consider joining my Discord Server!

Hope to see you there!

Posted on 09-28-18 02:46 PM Link | #96026
Thanks for all your votes, I take it to heart!
also happy that I didn't had to try to hack the board to edit results ;), it's already great!

"I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft." -Bill Gates

Posted on 09-28-18 02:54 PM Link | #96028
I am honored to find myself on the list.

With me being busy out the wazoo lately, I 'hopefully' look forward to find some time to come back here regularly and enjoy my time on the board. :)

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Main - Glass trash - Kuribo64 Mosts 2018 - Results Thread closed

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