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09-26-18 11:03 AM

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Posted on 08-10-18 03:37 PM Link | #95409
I feel like I suck with the hunter. But one time, I jumped over a fence in the second level of the Parish, right before the alarm part, and I landed on a survivor, and that felt good especially when there's height damage as a bonus.

I feel I suck with the Charger too, like even a millimeter off makes the Charger run away silly. I DID knock off characters with it too, though, so that's funny.

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Posted on 09-10-18 04:47 PM Link | #95887
Grand Theft Auto V

Game likes to crash when I'm in the LSPD

Posted on 09-12-18 05:09 AM Link | #95902
ISS Pro Evolution 2, as usual.
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Posted on 09-13-18 07:45 PM Link | #95920
I recently replayed through New Super Mario Bros, since I re-bought the game last Friday, and I 100%'d it by Tuesday. Guess it's pretty easy now, compared to when I was 10.

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Main - Gaming - Last games you played? New reply

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