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09-26-18 10:26 AM

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Posted on 10-15-17 09:30 PM Link | #90512
Project Soup

Project Soup is the codename for my currently in development NSMB2 hack. My last (failed) hack was based around snow/fire, and i thought it'd be cool to see a summer mod. Plus, SMBNext had a bunch of stuff for a sunset beach world and I'd hate to see that go to waste :P


  • 8 brand new, watery-themed levels
  • A brand new map
  • Some cool new backgrounds
  • Original and remixed music



Level Preview

Special thanks to explos and TRS

Posted on 10-16-17 12:08 AM Link | #90519

I remember you posting this on horizon. Great looking project so far, keep up the good work :)

Posted on 10-16-17 06:23 AM Link | #90522

Cool to see another quality NSMB2 hack. Keep it up.

GitHub - YouTube - NSMBHD

Posted on 10-16-17 05:18 PM Link | #90551
Oh nice, I thought nsmb2 hacking was ded.
going to be gone for a while

Posted on 08-14-18 11:36 AM Link | #95482
Small update for anyone who still cares: Project did not die a horrible death and is in fact nearing final stages of completion. More updates will soon follow.

Here's a look at the title screen without the logo because why not.

Posted on 08-16-18 01:35 AM Link | #95524
One day this will release...

Keep going, Toms!


Posted on 08-16-18 11:15 PM Link | #95545
oh damn, I actually have a stable computer so i can run it in citra.

good luck.
going to be gone for a while

Posted on 09-05-18 09:58 PM Link | #95804
Posted by Toms
Project did not die a horrible death
Unfortunately, it did. I'm not sure if it'll be revived, but who knows

Posted on 09-06-18 11:28 AM Link | #95805
did you really have to say that?


Hüseyin der Mächtige
Posted on 09-23-18 10:17 PM Link | #95979
it is alive

I'm lazy.

Main - NSMB2 hacking - Project Soup New reply

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