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09-26-18 10:31 AM

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Posted on 08-15-18 11:15 PM Link | #95521
Guys I need some help.. really

I'm back after 2 months but I'm here to share some stuff.

So, where should we start? Well to start things, I've been really depressed lately (it's not really depression it's just I'm always so emotional), well I pretty much feel like I have no point in my life anymore. Now when I say that don't get scared like I'm gonna harm myself or something, it's just I feel that way.

I know this might not be the most serious thing ever, but I thought I'd share with you.

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Posted on 08-16-18 01:32 AM Link | #95523
It would probably be a good idea to maybe talk with close family members or friends, or even anyone who's willing to hear you out.

After all, sometimes you just need a space to rant about life for a while.


Posted on 08-16-18 03:24 PM Link | #95535
I'm willing to hear you out. Do you have Discord/IRC or any way we can talk things through?

Posted on 08-16-18 07:13 PM Link | #95541
How long has these feelings been going? Chances are, it might be a mood swing that has lasted a few days, which is something everyone experiences. If you're having such feelings over the span of weeks then that's time to either review with a psychiatrist or a therapist that's interested in helping you.

Posted on 08-22-18 05:29 PM Link | #95649
as gimzie said, it's best to talk to people close to, to people who will listen and who you trust. they can comfort you and when you really feel lost and have no place to go, they are the best to guide you back on track.

(not saying you shouldn't ask us for help, but i am saying that these people are the best who could help you.)

these types of people have helped me and many others. a therapist could also help, as leftygreenmario said, but they can be expensive. even the "cheap" option known as betterhelp can still cost around $80 per session.

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Posted on 08-22-18 06:49 PM Link | #95653
I've been to a therapist that charges $12.50 per session so *shrug*. I mean, they calculate based on your earnings, in my case, but my dad controlled all the earnings so they charged minimum for me.

Main - Serious discussion - I need some help New reply

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