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07-17-18 11:09 AM

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Posted on 07-06-18 02:02 PM Link | #94947
So what are you folks gonna do? Anything fancy?

For my part... dunno. I want to find a place to settle for now. Also might go on a trip with comrades but have to work out the logistics of that.

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Posted on 07-06-18 02:13 PM Link | #94948
Not much to be honest, Might go to some hotels up in Orlando with my family. I have really just been spending each day either programming or enjoying some games.

Posted on 07-07-18 03:17 AM Link | #94953

Summer vacations mean exam time for me.

All nicely spread in a way I can't do anything longer than a week :/

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Posted on 07-07-18 02:18 PM Link | #94955
I'm looking for a summer job for this summer and next summer. If I can find one I'll start working on getting my non-driver license.

Then I'm planning to visit the college I wanna attend someday if we can afford. Probably not but we'll see. I just don't wanna have a job with a huge college debt to pay off.

Aaaand I gotta give my bike a tune-up as soon as I get my new one, which should be in November.

So this will be cool I guess.

Main - General Chat - Summer vacation, I guess New reply

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