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09-25-18 01:56 AM

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Posted on 05-12-18 06:25 AM Link | #94272
You need an r4 card. It's like a ds cartridge but you can put a micro sd card into it and play roms from it. Idk what's the best place to buy one nowadays though.

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Posted on 05-12-18 09:51 AM Link | #94273
You would need a separate piece of hardware.

Some help.



Posted on 05-14-18 04:13 AM (rev. 2 of 05-14-18 04:14 AM) Link | #94301
How do I make it so that this message, "The ROM header is invalid. The device size has been increased to allow for the provided file size", doesn't pop up every time I open the rom with an emulator?

Girl Hacking
Posted on 05-14-18 08:48 PM (rev. 4 of 05-14-18 10:19 PM) Link | #94326
hello good I have a doubt when importing a map this is what happens what happens is that when you imported a super mario 64 map it turns to the right as I fix that :C

Posted on 05-16-18 10:22 PM Link | #94341
You open the ROM in a hex editor and increment the byte at offset 0x14.

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Any map on a flat torus can be colored with at most 7 colors.

Posted on 05-25-18 12:56 PM (rev. 2 of 05-25-18 01:02 PM) Link | #94426
I wanted to replace the secret slide with bomb-omb battle field (because it's a hell lot better for battle maps In my opinion) and now matter what i do it doesn't apply the collision or the model, I have no idea why. (i also though to replace castle grounds but while the Collison did load the model will not)

and also this want mentioned in the editor (As far as i can tell)the super mushroom/red mushroom/big mushroom dosent work in V.S. mode it causes the player to stay still.

hack mario 64
Posted on 05-31-18 04:49 AM Link | #94492
jap rom error
An error occured while patching your ROM.
No changes have been made to your ROM.
Try using a different ROM. If the error persists, report it to Mega-Mario, with the details below:

場所 SM64DSe.NitroROM.Patch() 場所 C:\Users\Fiachra\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\SM64DSe Mono\SM64DSe\NitroROM_patch.cs:行 710
場所 SM64DSe.MainForm.LoadROM(String filename) 場所 C:\Users\Fiachra\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\SM64DSe Mono\SM64DSe\MainForm.cs:行 103

Posted on 06-03-18 12:15 AM Link | #94512
How do I create stationary water in a level? I'm using Sketchup btw, and no, I won't switch to Blender, not yet.

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Posted on 07-03-18 11:42 AM Link | #94923
I've made a .obj model to finally work in the editor but when I tested the level in game all the collisions were messed up and there invisible walls. How could I fix this problem?

Aryan 10
Posted on 09-21-18 07:44 AM Link | #95968
I am new, very new to SM64DS hacking, and so I have a few questions,
• Which rom verison should I pick? US1.1, EU or US1.0?
• How to skip the intro stuff?
• Is it possible to change who can use the Wing Feather or can perform Wall Jump and Luigi's Special Backflip? Or is it possible to have it avaliable for all four characters?

Thanks in advance :D


Posted on 09-21-18 08:41 AM Link | #95969
1. If you want to make asm hacks, use other peoples asm hacks or make custom cutscenes then the european version is the best option. It doesn't have as much free ram as some other versions though.

2. You can skip the intro with that one "additional patch" in the editor

3. See this for the first thing. For the wall jumps, try this code i made

#include "SM64DS_2.h"

extern "C" bool wallSlideOrNot()
static short angle;

if ((unsigned)(PLAYER_ARR[0]->currState) != Player::ST_WALL_JUMP || PLAYER_ARR[0]->ang.y != angle)
angle = PLAYER_ARR[0]->ang.y;
return true;

PLAYER_ARR[0]->ang.y += 0x8000;
return false;

void nsub_020c1dbc()
"push {r1-r12, r14} \n\t"
"bl wallSlideOrNot \n\t"
"pop {r1-r12, r14} \n\t"
"cmp r0, #0 \n\t"
"beq 0x020c1e28 \n\t"
"bne 0x020c1dc8 \n\t"

btw it prevents you from wall jumping from the same wall twice while staying in air because otherwise you could climb the walls infinitely with luigi

Idk about the luigi backflip thing, but it sounds possible

my newish yt channel for sm64ds stuff
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Main - General SM64DS hacking - SM64DS Editor Help Thread - Post your questions here New reply

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