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06-05-20 05:54 PM

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Posted on 06-25-18 12:44 PM (rev. 2 of 06-25-18 01:45 PM) Link | #94833
I am creating an unofficial new and improved version of this famous hack, as i saw another unofficial update by another user. This will include:
-Texture editing (purple door, HUD icons)
-Edited Waluigi Text - Now in every PAL language! (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German)
-Now Waluigi is in the white door, while the Mario door is disabled ( I replaced the silent room doors with mario's ones and viceversa)
This will be V5, as I am considering the three official versions by Russmars2 and the unofficial version 4 by YoshiHD.

I have two questions:
- How do I edit the characters doors borders (grenn, red, yellow)? There aren't any textures related to these in the BMD. The M,L,W letters textures aren't there, too.

-Is there a way to place Waluigi's upside down L on the white door? I'm not good in 3d modeling, but i would really appreciate if someone can help me.

Download link will be added as soon as I solve these two issues( textures and 3d modeling)

Posted on 06-25-18 04:11 PM Link | #94834
door borders and letters are colored with vertex colors i think

you could put the upside down L in the level model if importing and exporting go cleanly. If not, you can make a custom platform with the custom platform tutorial

(post deleted) #94839

Posted on 06-26-18 01:13 PM Link | #94842
Excuse me, but I don't know how to edit vertex colours.
Where are they located? Are they related to 3d modeling?
P.S: everytime I try to load a BMD in the model and collision editor it gives an error:
"NullReferenceException: Object not set on an object instance." How do I fix this?
(I tried to open the hacked rom with DeSmuMe and it says "invalid rom header. rom size will be increased" so maybe this could be the cause of the aforementioned issue.

Posted on 06-27-18 03:33 AM Link | #94860
Ok, I discovered these things are related to ASM hacking. I know that Fiachra is really good with ASM. Maybe he or someoneelse could help me....

Posted on 06-27-18 07:50 AM Link | #94863
These things aren't really related to ASM hacking, but i still recommend learning that since it could give you more freedom with this hack.

Yeah, vertex colors are related to 3D modeling. You can edit them in blender in the vertex paint mode. Idk how bmd stores them, but that isn't necessary to know.

Was the bmd model you tried to load from the rom file system? If so, it shouldn't give an error unless the model is corrupted or something. The model importer can't import external bmd models afaik, but you can replace bmd models with external bmd files with the rom file system viewer or whatever it's called.

Don't worry about the "invalid rom header" warning. I think it happens because the rom size that the header tells is different than the actual rom size. The editor probably changes the rom size but doesn't bother to change the number in the header too, because that doesn't really matter.

flavius guy(not a hacker)
Posted on 07-19-18 06:28 PM Link | #95138
Danny26,since waluigi replaces mario,then why u dont retexture goomboss by adding him a waluigi-like mustche,it would be clever and pretty cool,it might require some hacking here and there,but i bet it'll be coolish ;)

Posted on 03-25-20 11:20 AM Link | #98939
Can i help you to do the mod?

Main - SM64DS hacks - Russmars2' s Waluigi Hack - Unofficial V5 New reply

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