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04-15-21 04:00 AM

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Posted on 05-26-18 11:17 AM Link | #94453
Hey everyone,

Am I the only one who was disappointed in SM64 DS Battle mode?

4 Map's (2 of which I dont think are suitable for battling)

1 Character (sort of)

1 Game mode

It Feel's Rushed and underdeveloped

This hack I've Started aim's to Improve the Battle mode.

More Maps, (hopefully at least 16)

All characters selectable from the start

Multiple game mode's (Free for all, CTF, Coin battle's and hopefully more)

However since I'm No Hacking Genius I'm requesting some help... If you would like to help please let me know

Posted on 05-26-18 12:08 PM Link | #94454
Posted by Fiachra
The only problem with doing that is that the DS Download Play doesn't work on the modified ROMs due to a signature check failure. I believe Skelux was going to look into this but he's left this forum.

There's a big problem you need to solve

Posted on 05-26-18 12:24 PM (rev. 4 of 05-26-18 12:31 PM) Link | #94455
Posted by StarPants
There's a big problem you need to solve

Oh. Dam...

This may be a problem.

That would explain why i can't test the map improvements with my friends.

How much you wana bet Nintendo added a hidden Check for modifications on multiplayer map's? (like in NSMB)

Posted on 06-03-18 12:30 PM Link | #94516
Your issue is most likely something else as maps aren't a part of the game's binaries, which are the only thing sent over download play. I wouldn't know about asset checks, but I assume if there were any they'd be pretty limited considering someone imported bomb-omb battlefield over one of the multiplayer levels sucessfully.

You can circumvent the binary signature checking issue by using a custom firmware, I believe.

Main - General SM64DS hacking - A new hack on the Horizon (hopefully) New reply

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