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04-20-18 02:32 PM

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Posted on 04-08-18 12:46 PM Link | #93986
Yeah, my flag gives you an idea of my perspective of the world in general, you know. ;)

Posted on 04-08-18 01:40 PM Link | #93988
Posted by LeftyGreenMario
People just paint you as a broad stroke because of some beliefs you have. I say you're more of a libertarian, for individual rights by supporting laissez-faire but also supporting social justice causes. But if you don't think that describes you, then that's okay. You shouldn't live or die by labels.

I believe indeed that if anyone wants to make money, he should be able to do so without automatically being seen as a "dirty rich of the elite". I also believe in social justice being acheived through economic growth. I just don't think we should enforce "left" and "social" measures at any costs, even in a country that doesn't have an economy solid enough for that.

Posted on 04-08-18 07:25 PM Link | #93994
I don't mind if people want to make money, but I like to achieve a nice balance between being fair and being equal. That means I'm all for marketplace regulations and consumer protections. I think we strongly disagree on this part.

Posted on 04-12-18 01:26 PM (rev. 3 of 04-12-18 01:28 PM) Link | #94029
I do wish my ecology was higher.


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Posted on 04-15-18 05:05 PM Link | #94082
THIS IS A LONG FUCKING QUIZ AAAAAA. I've had this quiz bookmarked for TWO MONTHS NOW because I knew how much time it would take for me to fill all the questions.

But here are my results:


I'm more left-leaning than I thought, apparently. Some of the questions were a bit ambiguous though. The quiz did not give me the "pragmatism" thing, which makes sense honestly.

I think that laissez-faire is a bit too low here though, but, hey what do I know. I've never even heard of the word before.

also hi I still exist

Posted on 04-15-18 07:48 PM Link | #94085
I think your laissez-faire score being really low agrees with how I view it. I think laissez-faire is a terrible way of running society. Laissez-faire is French for "let to do", or "hands-off". This means "let the free market decide" and the ideology opposes regulation or government intervention. I'm seriously against that kind of ideology. I've read my share of what happens when there are no consumer protections (like before the FDA or EPA in the U.S.; what's like before healthcare/Medicare was a thing; what's like before minimum age or retirement support; what's like before workplace protections; the Guilded Age and all of that). It's always employers relentlessly exploiting their workers and that leads to strikes and demands for rights and general human dignity.

Posted on 04-16-18 05:18 AM Link | #94089
I have to agree on that. I believe that the market won't able to regulate itself without state intervetion. Not that it's impossible for that to happen, but that if given the opportunity, the market would turn into blatant abuse towards the consumer/worker with things the way they currently are.

Of course, we need to make sure that the regulations the government puts forth are actually representative of the wishes of the general population, but that applies to literally everything government.
"I forgot what I was going to say."

Posted on 04-16-18 10:51 PM Link | #94112

Irony is the spice of life.

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Posted on 04-18-18 03:43 PM Link | #94122
Here are my results


Had a lot of blank space lol

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Posted on 04-20-18 09:39 AM Link | #94131
Oh, I support consumer protections, like the interdictions of secret deals between companies to maintain prices high. I also want worker protection. I think the difference between us is our reference point, LeftyGreenMario. In France, both consumer protection and worker rights are far, far, far higher than in the US. There are so many "worker protections" that some are useless and are just blocking companies from hiring or even surviving. I want a middle point to, but France is from the other end.
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