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12-18-18 10:44 PM

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Posted on 04-11-18 03:51 PM (rev. 2 of 04-11-18 05:37 PM) Link | #94017
Can anyone point me to suggestions for telephone service providers? Possibly socially-benefiting or non-capitalist telephone services. And let me know if they work with mobiles also.

I currently use Verizon for home phone and TracFone for mobile.


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Posted on 04-12-18 04:07 AM Link | #94018
You realize that if a service is provided, that means people are working for that, and therefore have to get paid one way or another, right? You can't maintain a mobile carrier service out of thin air.

Posted on 04-12-18 02:18 PM Link | #94035
Or a libre telephone service or do-good telephone services I would also take.

Here’s my Discord. Still setting stuff up though.

Posted on 04-13-18 04:02 AM Link | #94041
you could go the richard stallman route and just not have a mobile phone in the first place

the closest thing that i can think of are these phones, though it's still capitalism because that's how it works


Posted on 04-13-18 08:28 AM Link | #94042
How far can you really get without a cellphone though?

Here’s my Discord. Still setting stuff up though.

Posted on 04-13-18 08:58 AM (rev. 2 of 04-13-18 08:59 AM) Link | #94043
Google Voice is pretty good. you get to choose your own number, and make SMS messages to other numbers, whether they're signed up with Google or not. i use it, and it's pretty reliable.
you can even make phone calls, either through your own personal phone (which obviously we're trying to replace) OR through Google Hangouts, which still works. for me, all the people i've made calls with through Hangouts is free, although sometimes it may charge you.
but yeah, Google Voice is pretty cool. it's on

EDIT: oh yeah and if the other person has Hangouts then you can do video chat as well :P

when you die you go to canada

Posted on 04-13-18 02:01 PM Link | #94045
Credo mobile is pretty good for a social telephone service. Is this true, I wonder.

Here’s my Discord. Still setting stuff up though.

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