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03-17-18 04:22 PM

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Posted on 03-11-18 04:43 PM Link | #93637
thanks for repeating what i just said basically

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Posted on 03-11-18 05:00 PM Link | #93638
I'm just agreeing with you, that's all.

Posted on 03-12-18 09:06 AM Link | #93645
Happy birthday salty! better not get banned today!
jeez, I don't know what to put here now.

Posted on 03-12-18 12:11 PM Link | #93647
Happy 14th Mr. Salt Shaker!

Posted on 03-12-18 12:28 PM Link | #93648
happy birthday Salty


Posted on 03-12-18 12:47 PM Link | #93649
what a great birthday

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Posted on 03-12-18 12:57 PM Link | #93650
Congrats Salty!

One of my IRL friends is also born on this day.

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Posted on 03-12-18 03:28 PM Link | #93652
melonDS bug report. it's too accurate and lags on my potato laptop.

also Happy Birthday salty. :) you're big boi now busty teenage girl now.
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Posted on 03-12-18 03:32 PM Link | #93653
bug fix: get a less potato laptop


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Posted on 03-12-18 03:41 PM Link | #93654
staplebutter it is obviously your fault go buy him a new laptop :DDDDD

also Happy Birthday salty. :) you're big boi now busty teenage girl now.

i prefer flatchest but whatever :(

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Posted on 03-12-18 09:40 PM Link | #93656
Do you like Cinnabuns for your birthday? I got one in the fridge.

Posted on 03-12-18 09:49 PM Link | #93657
good brith salty

but ONLY if you want one, i'm not like these other fools forcing you to have a good day. you can have a good day ONLY IF you choose so YOURSELF.

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Posted on 03-12-18 10:24 PM Link | #93658
i mean i had a chill day, so it was cool

Do you like Cinnabuns for your birthday? I got one in the fridge.

sure, but i do like donuts too

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Posted on 03-12-18 10:48 PM (rev. 2 of 03-12-18 10:53 PM) Link | #93659
Here ya go! Enjoy!


Posted on 03-13-18 01:10 PM Link | #93661
A friend of mine made this for me, and I'm very proud of him:

Posted on 03-13-18 05:31 PM Link | #93665
That is a good image. Your friends knows what's up.


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Posted on 03-13-18 08:46 PM Link | #93667
I have very recently gotten a couple of Virtual Console and WiiWare Games from the Wii Shop on my original Wii. I am also planning to get another game which I have the demo of.

I have at least a couple of virtual console games that could work for injections. The only WiiWare game I bought that wasn't a trial is World of Goo. It seems like a pretty decent game where you touch the screen and it is oddly kind of cute.

It sucks to see the Wii Shop die, I really hope like the DSIWare games, most of the WiiWare and Virtual Console games will be put on the Wii U, New 3DS, and even the Nintendo Switch if they can do that.

Also, I've heard that NSMBW got an HD Remake in China or something.


Posted on 03-13-18 10:14 PM (rev. 2 of 03-13-18 10:16 PM) Link | #93670
They're not gonna migrate any WiiWare games to the Wii U. Not happening.

The New 3ds can't support WiiWare games. Definitely not.

The Switch doesn't support any Wii peripherals, so no there, too. Unless they port the most popular WiiWare titles to be used with the Switch. We'll see if they do or not.

BTW they released NSMBW on the Nvidia Shield in China under an HD Remaster. ;)

Posted on 03-15-18 07:26 PM Link | #93687
Holy shit, I just thought of something...

Remember back in 2014 when they did the Smash Invitational after Reggie was completely obliterated by HBox he said "I going to come next time to kick your ass".

So my point is, E3 isn't that far away, and they announced another Smash for this year... do you think... just maybe...
They'll do this again?

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Posted on 03-17-18 08:48 AM Link | #93708
I've never really played a Smash game besides either flash game clones or sometime years ago in the process of doing an exploit through Brawl on the Wii.

That being said, should I play the one on the Switch as my first Smash game, or should I play an older one?
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