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01-15-21 10:43 AM

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Posted on 01-16-18 10:07 AM Link | #92838
i really want to make some levels for NSMB2. i try to load up the editor (coinkiller) but it says 'load unpacked romfs files'. what does it mean with that. what are the romfs files. can i download it somewhere?

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Posted on 01-18-18 11:50 AM Link | #92868
So I'm presuming you have the romfs on you. Just extract the files from the romfs and load those through coinkiller. I'm at school atm so I can't link you to an extraction program but just Google it.

Posted on 01-18-18 10:03 PM Link | #92871
Posted by Kobolite
what are the romfs files.

game editor =/= game. a standalone level editor for a game is only the editor, this is not Mario Maker. the game isn't inclued.

so you have to get it yourself. depending what game you want and what console it's for, you can get it from google or dump it yourself if you actually own the game.

ever heard of ROMs? it's basically the game you have on your cartridge, but extracted into a ROM-image.
in case of 3DS games, it's named a romfs. romfs files are the files are extracted from a unpacked romfs.

Posted on 01-23-18 07:41 AM Link | #92934
Romfs aren't rom afaik, but they can be extracted from them.

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Posted on 01-24-18 09:34 PM Link | #92958
yeah, I ought to actually start learning the specifics of the 3ds side of romhacking. :P

Main - NSMB2 hacking - How can i set up the editor New reply

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