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01-22-18 03:17 PM

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Posted on 01-11-18 02:14 AM Link | #92773
When I first started smg hacking, I started making a level full of random level design but now I have developed it into smg's very first troll level (I think).

Skill you will need:
Mastery of the flip-swap platform mechanic
Beginner yoshi infinate flutter



Don't comment saying it's annoying coz that's kinda the point.

Download here:

The last version purposly crashed your game at certain points and I got penalized for it so now it doesn't. :)

Posted on 01-11-18 10:37 AM Link | #92779
this is kinda just spam. don't post the exact same thing twice there is clearly an edit button. also using crashes as a feature cam be done right for very few situations and trolling isn't one of them

I should probably change my profile pic. It looks pretty crummy

Main - Trash - New: Kaizo Troll galaxy Thread closed

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