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07-10-20 08:28 AM

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Posted on 01-10-18 03:47 PM (rev. 2 of 01-10-18 03:50 PM) Link | #92745
When I first started smg hacking, I started making a level full of random level design but now I have developed it into smg's very first troll level (I think).

Skill you will need:
Mastery of the flip-swap platform mechanic
Beginner yoshi infinate flutter



Don't comment saying it's annoying coz that's kinda the point.

Download here:

This level uses purposeful crashing if you are not okay with that don't play this level. I will not be held responcible for any damadge done to any device that plays this.

I dought it will kill ur device though but just in case.

Posted on 01-10-18 03:54 PM Link | #92746
...why would you create a level that will crash your game on purpose... That's just wrong. Sorry if that sounds harsh.

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Posted on 01-10-18 03:55 PM (rev. 2 of 01-10-18 03:58 PM) Link | #92747
It's only if u do something wrong

it is a troll level ya know?

Posted on 01-10-18 04:03 PM Link | #92748
Crashing the console on purpose is not trolling ya know. Sorry, but I'm not going to play this. Kaizo levels are fun, but this isn't trolling anymore...

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Posted on 01-10-18 04:10 PM Link | #92749
You shouldn't have mentioned that..

Fruity Dee
Posted on 01-10-18 05:51 PM Link | #92751
Crashing? Nope

I tend to scrap ideas a lot.

Posted on 01-10-18 06:03 PM Link | #92753
Why does people dont love that game crashing idea
I personally like it

Posted on 01-10-18 07:07 PM Link | #92756
it's annoying and it forces you to constantly force the console off, it's time consuming, and can be potentially unhealthy to your console

and it's a troll level so you're bound to fail many times via unfair means, and failing means crashing, and thus claiming my first point

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Posted on 01-10-18 07:33 PM Link | #92757
crashing is reaally cheap. you can make a troll level without having the player restart the whole thing everytime.

it's not even trolling. it's just cheap.
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Posted on 01-10-18 09:08 PM Link | #92761
gotta agree on the whole crashing thing.
you also aren't the first person to make a troll level. Hackio made an entire kaizo hack for the game and is working on an improved version.

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 01-11-18 01:50 AM (rev. 3 of 01-11-18 02:15 AM) Link | #92772
Guys it's not everytime.

I only do it in 2 places.

Kaizo does not equal troll.

Okay new version that never crashes your game :)

Posted on 01-11-18 05:18 AM Link | #92774
Posted by XFusion
Kaizo does not equal troll.

uh... have you read the title of your thread?
also, just make an update to this thread, there isn't a point in making an entirely new thread just for an update of something you made.

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 01-11-18 10:24 AM Link | #92777

Posted on 01-11-18 11:25 AM Link | #92781
Posted by Smg1hacking

he misspells practically every word he types, i wouldn't try to correct him at this point.

hat's off to you, kuribo64. we all had one hell of a--wait, we can stay?

Posted on 01-11-18 05:19 PM Link | #92784
Posted by RealHeroicGamer
uh... have you read the title of your thread?

he used both words.. but yeah, he's still confused

kaizo is a bad way to describe this. While kaizo levels are unfair, they are well designed.

this is not good level design. it's not anything close to kaizo.

renaming is a good idea.

Posted on 01-11-18 05:44 PM (rev. 2 of 01-14-18 07:44 AM) Link | #92785
Download link is broken.

EDIT: For anyone else who might want to play this, the post with the download link is in the trash section.

Posted on 01-12-18 12:30 PM Link | #92792
I would play this level if it didn't crash, and if it is a funny troll level (not pick-a-pipe, etc), but funny trolls or mind games. If that is the case, I would love to play it.

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Posted on 01-12-18 01:13 PM Link | #92794
He removed the crashing elements IIRC

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Posted on 04-23-18 11:52 AM Link | #94162
Good, because now I will actually play it. Probably many others will now play it, too.

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