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12-14-17 07:42 PM

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pick the ones you like, I guess
70.4% (19)
WiiU gamepad shit
7.4% (2)
N64 emu that doesn't suck
14.8% (4)
other thing entirely
7.4% (2)
Multiple voting is not allowed. Changing your vote is allowed. 27 users have voted so far.

Posted on 12-06-17 05:24 PM Link | #91753
So, yeah, let's see what people would like for 2018.


I want to keep it going, but honestly pace has slowed. There are some main things to do still:

* CPU: cache+MPU, proper timings. Would likely impact performance.
* better local wifi
* AP wifi
* expansion devices (RAM cart, rumble, etc)

and whatever else, I guess.

WiiU gamepad shit

Dates back from last year. I was able to extract quite a few theoretical hardware specs from firmware RE. I was never able to turn on the screen, though.

I still think it would be cool to make the gamepad a standalone device.

N64 emu

... why not?

The N64 emulation scene is pretty much black/white. "same old pile of hacks since 1996" on one side, "cycle accurate but requires a beast computer" on the other, and nothing inbetween aside from accuracy-focused plugins that are likely limited by the plugin system.

I don't know the details so I might be completely wrong there, but it feels like that.

Regardless, may be a fun challenge.

something else

Emu for another console?

Something else entirely?

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Posted on 12-06-17 05:53 PM Link | #91754
>something new
might be more fun to go for something new, but finishing your current stuff would be good too.

turning it into something would be deffo interesting, but do you have much of a lead? I imagine you'd need to find a way to turn it on, first, then inject stuff in.

>n64 emu
do you know much about the n64, and do you have a n64?
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Posted on 12-06-17 07:42 PM Link | #91756

make sure it has good sound, thats a common problem with ds emulators :P

Posted on 12-07-17 10:37 AM Link | #91770
melonDS or PS2 emulator


Posted on 12-07-17 12:05 PM Link | #91771
Make the Wii output video in HD, using composite and triple buffering or directly ASM hack to make it output HD content through the Hollywood debug GPIO (enough to make a HDMI port).
Easy no ?


Posted on 12-07-17 01:44 PM Link | #91773

Finish the melon. And add upscaling.

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Posted on 12-07-17 02:16 PM Link | #91774
melon. I want you to shoot DeSmuME in its grave.

Posted on 12-07-17 06:03 PM Link | #91775
are multiple choices supposed to be allowed because I can't seem to select multiple choices. Regardless, if you make the N64 emu, will you make an option for SM64 romhack compatibility? Those rely on emulator quirks so they don't work on real hardware.

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Posted on 12-07-17 06:12 PM Link | #91777
I'll jump the bandwagon and also say you should work on melonDS bucko

Posted on 12-07-17 08:05 PM Link | #91793
melon ds is running away with this poll lmao

Posted on 12-11-17 02:43 AM Link | #91909
MelonDS, it's time for Desmume to fall.

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