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12-14-17 07:44 PM

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Posted on 12-03-17 10:14 AM Link | #91632
What's with the Waluigi Cap on Big Boo? GASP, WALUIGI CONFIRMED?!

Posted on 12-03-17 10:28 AM Link | #91634
yeah I'm wondering too actually

Posted on 12-03-17 05:11 PM Link | #91655
I'm really looking forward to the game, and I wanted to know how the current progress is.

my consoles:Nintendo DSi 1.4.5(with DSTWO,and I need help with dsiware exploit :P)
Nintendo Switch 4.0.1
my twiiter page:https://twitter.com/thales7200
If you are Brazilian, join my Wiimmfi DS group on Facebook: htts://www.facebook.com/groups/149726455755485/

Posted on 12-04-17 06:57 PM Link | #91685
The current progress is at 45.6 even at the beginning of the post

Posted on 12-04-17 08:33 PM Link | #91692
holy macaroni the new screenshots on the first post look beautiful

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Posted on 12-05-17 10:04 PM (rev. 2 of 12-05-17 10:18 PM) Link | #91736
while my pc was broken I did remaster at this stage of the hack sm64ds hack that I played Another Super Mario 3d I would like to do a remaster version of this hack but this time ending with 15 courses and a final boss with ending but it's just ideas you find but it is clear that after I finish this my hack of course see this


i do this on my pc,s freind

Posted on 12-06-17 01:47 AM Link | #91741
wow stealing

nice background, textures and water color. I'd like to see the water from closer.
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Posted on 12-06-17 11:22 AM Link | #91746
It looks pretty cool. Is the model updated or is it just the textures and background?

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Posted on 12-06-17 03:36 PM Link | #91750
no i re-made the stage with new locations and remodeled the model to looks beatiful and new

Posted on 12-10-17 12:42 AM (rev. 4 of 12-10-17 12:51 AM) Link | #91865
Does it work on a real DS as well?
I mean the stage you re-made.
Honestly, if it doesn't work on real hardware, I don't find it too impressive.
Personally, I don't want to see the DS ROM Hacking scene go into a direction where most things won't work properly on real hardware, like the SM64/N64 Scene tends to do a lot, if you ask me with things like TWLoader, and DS Flash carts being so common, it would be bad for it to go down that path.

I think pushing the limits of the DS, and having to work as it should while doing something thought to be impossible, or making something that still looks really good, is far more impressive than just taking advantage of an Emulator.

Posted on 12-10-17 10:30 AM Link | #91870
yes this stage is running in real rardware using my dsi with r4infinity and it runs super well I'm making adjustments and optimizing to run nice and good for both emulator and ds I'm no expert but I do my best with what I have

Posted on 12-10-17 09:58 PM Link | #91904
Very good, then, in that case, I think what you've done with the DS hardware is admirable.
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